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meeting mums with young babies

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Molly4115 Wed 29-Sep-10 16:19:31


I have a three week old girl and am finding it a little isolating being at home with baby all day!
Can anyone recommend a group for mums with very young babies in Greenwich or Blackheath? Or if anyone is in a similar position and would like to meet up for a coffee my email is


MrsMogwai Thu 30-Sep-10 20:05:19

Hi Molly!

I'm still waiting for mine to arrive. Have you joined the NCT? They have post-natal classes as well as ante-natal where you could meet other Mum's in the area. The local NCT website should have links to groups etc. I know their newsletter has loads of advertisments for things going on in the borough.

Good luck!

Stickhasgrownup Fri 08-Oct-10 12:32:38

Hi Molly,
My DD is 5 weeks today, so similar age to your little girl.
I live in Eltham so not far from you. I haven't started any groups yet, but i have met up with a couple of other mumsnet mums locally and you'd be more than welcome to join us.
Anyway I'll email you shortly but dd unsettled at the moment so must go.

weasle Fri 08-Oct-10 20:59:48

molly, see my post on the other thread. nct open houses v good for meeting people.

sunshine playgroup at the forum in east greenwich good, or a breastfeeding group good for socialising as well as support/advice eg in deptford see here

Tinkerbump Mon 08-Nov-10 14:33:16

hi there, I am also new to the Blackheath area and have a little 7 week old baby daughter -- I would love to meet up with other local mums - is anyone meeting up that I could join?

funnydrawing Fri 19-Nov-10 12:56:00

Hi, I am also fairly new to the area with no parent friends locally, so would love to get out and about and meet other new mums. My little boy (first baby) is 7 weeks old. Do also let me know if there's anything I can join in on, thanks

Molly4115 Sun 09-Jan-11 09:23:21

Hi, thanks for all your replies, sorry for not replying sooner! There are a few of us meeting up on this Wednesday at the cafe in greenwich park. If interested let me know Ill email you the details.

Marthapants01 Wed 12-Jan-11 22:20:27

Hi there, I have 11 week old and looking to meet other new mums too. Looks like I missed your meet today, if you are meeting again I'd love to join you.

Daniellelou Sun 16-Jan-11 18:09:02

Im in the same area and my son is almost 4months, id be interested too.

Remicoli Thu 20-Jan-11 21:42:37

Hi, I am new in here and just heard about the site few days ago. I feel so isolated and kind of lonely at the moment as my family and friends dont live near. I have a 9 months old boy and I would love to make new friends in the area please let me know about any ativities we could join in.

Renata xxx

tigerbear Thu 20-Jan-11 22:47:09

Hi everyone,

I'd love to meet you all, but am a bit of an impostor as not yet given birth! I'm due in May, so hope to meet you all then...

In the meantime, did any of you attend the NCT classes in Greenwich? If so, what did you think of them - was it worthwhile?

MrsMogwai Sat 22-Jan-11 19:33:45

Hi Tigerbear,

I'm due in April. I'm booked to start NCT classes end of this month, happy to feedback after. I've heard quite a lot of good things about the classes - mostly about how helpful it is meeting other people in the same situation rather than the content of the classes though!

londonbump Sun 23-Jan-11 21:00:00

My husband and I did Nct classes at St Michael's church in Blackheath in Sept last year and have met 7 amazing couples. The boys go out for drinks and the girls + babies see each other for coffee/lunch every week. We aso email all the time. It is great to have other people going through the same thing at the same time. Fab support network. Best £250 we spent preparing for the baby. Can't recommend it highly enough xxx

kalo12 Sun 23-Jan-11 21:04:05

you need to go to the baby cafe at the church on court lane in eltham - united reform church i think. anyway wednesday mornings. its fab. really well run. brilliant support. great people . its a breastfeeding cafe group but doesn't matter if you don't breast feed either

Remicoli Wed 26-Jan-11 17:30:02

Hi Kalo12, can I go with my 9 months babe to
the place at the Church on court lane or it is just for yonger babes???

GreenwichB Wed 26-Jan-11 22:46:24

I would say exactly the same as londonbump. Did ours in Greenwich and the 8 couples are in v regular contact. The babes are 6 months now and the girls meet once a week for a catch up but often have other activities eg: swimming together during the week. It has been invaluable as a way of meeting other people in the area and it has been v reassuring to spend time with other first time parents with children of the same age to compare notes and just hang out. I've learned more from my peer group than reading any manual - you get the benefit of 7 other peoples reading/googling/experience/top tips received. Best £250 I ever spent too.
Re the course - honestly you could learn just as much from a book and our instructor wasn't too keen on promoting medical intervention. For the most part we were all about "when can I ask for the epidural". I learned more about breastfeeding and got more reassurance from Mumsnet than the NCT frankly.

DaniCo Fri 29-Jul-11 23:28:28

Try and for fabulous yoga classes in Greenwich.
Pregnancy Yoga, Mum and Baby Yoga and Baby Yoga.

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