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New in town (5 ways) and keen for local info!

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SoozyB Thu 09-Sep-10 08:54:12

Hi there
I have just moved to Brighton - living in the 5 ways area - pregnant with my second due New Years Eve (aahh) and mum to Eva who is 3 in Nov. We don't know anyone in the area yet and would love to meet some other folk locally who have a daughter of similar age as my girl is really wanting to find some new friends!! (me too!)

Can anyone recommend any local groups or activities that are good to go to??

I am 38, a Yoga teacher and an NLP business trainer/coach.


spotofcheerfulness Thu 09-Sep-10 09:04:42

Hi Soozy. I'm afraid I can't help on the DD front (I have a DS of 21 months) but I am also PG and due on NYE!

I live off Preston Drove, and there are plenty of things in the area. One thing I'm going to this morning for example is a playgroup at St Matthias Church on Ditchling Road where there are plenty of kids your daughter's age. There is another playgroup on a Tuesday morning on Southdown Avenue, same thing and plenty of parks around (BLakers, Preston, Hollingbury) to keep them occupied.

Let me know if you fancy meeting for a coffee sometime, there are a couple of decent cafes in 5ways. smile

Lozla Thu 21-Oct-10 10:47:34

Hi to you both. I am also due on NYE and live in the Fiveways area, but this is my first, so cant help on new playmates for your little girl, but am always up for a coffee and new pregnant friends ! I too am 38.

Hope to hear from you

jess77 Mon 13-Dec-10 21:30:21

Hi Soozy,

Your message is a bit old now but I have just moved to Fiveways recently. I don't have a daughter but my son was 3 at start of December.
Maybe we could meet for swings in Blakers Park or coffee in Fiveways some time, if you're not feeling too pregnant to move by now!
Hope to catch up,

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