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JulesBlossoming Thu 02-Sep-10 11:29:10

Hi all,

We're just about to move to Ely from London and I've got two little girls on is two and the other is one!

Can any of you recommend a good nursery? Any suggestions of toddler activities or nice play venues?

I'm really keen to make new friends so tips on where to meet people would be fantastic!



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BenignNeglect Thu 02-Sep-10 11:47:26

Hi Jules - when will you arrive? I'm in Ely -no DCs yet (currently TTC), but I know that there are popular playgrounds in Cherry Hill park (next to the cathedral/porta), Jubilee gardens (a little one) and there's now one in Pocket Park (hidden away a bit). Cherry Hill park is also excellent for sledging if it snows.

Odysseus Mon 06-Sep-10 12:47:03

There are lots of play areas around the city - all in good repair and well used.

Harlequins is an excellent nursery, there's also Wigwams down by the river.

When do you move?

JulesBlossoming Fri 17-Sep-10 10:01:08

Thanks girls, I've just heard that we are going to move into the house we're buying in the first week of December! Hooray, Christmas in our new house!

Any ideas on fun activities for a precocious two year old and a lively one year old? I'd love to do swimming lesson and anything else to make midwinter tolerable!


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MaryBS Fri 17-Sep-10 10:04:41

Welcome! I have a soon to be 9yo and a soon to be 11yo.

There's Planet Zoom, the soft play area. Not massive, but worth a look. And the Paradise swimming pool.

Odysseus Mon 20-Sep-10 13:08:37

There's Jo Jingles that runs at the Paradise centre, Ely Elves soft play group, Tumble Tots, & Rhymetime at the library for up to 18mthers.

Congratulations on a move date!!

EL888 Wed 06-Oct-10 14:25:05

Harlequinns nursery is lovely.


EmmaTo Thu 07-Oct-10 15:51:39

There are some very good toddler groups in Ely. Two by Two at the Countess Church on a Thursday morning, one at St Mary's Church on a Friday morning, and I know the lighthouse centre have groups on Weds and Thurs morning. Gym Tots at Paradise centre on a Tuesday morning also good.

I moved to Ely from London 3 years ago and it is a lovely place to live.

stepheng1073 Thu 03-Feb-11 10:14:24

East Cambridgeshire District Council are submitting plans for a multi million pound out of town Leisure centre on the edge of Ely.

Ely already has a central Leisure Centre which is leased until 2085 and it would be more cost effective if this site was developed and upgraded to meet the demands of the local population while increasing people entering the centre of Ely and supporting the local economy!

For the sake of our children we must keep the Leisure Centre in an easy to access, safe central location. Please sign the petition to keep the Leisure Centre in Ely in the centre of Ely

EsmeRosa Tue 31-Aug-21 08:51:38

Does anyone know anything about Chiefs Street in Ely? I’m thinking of moving there, but I’m worried about it having antisocial behaviour, as there seems to be a large flat/social housing complex there (Bakers Corner) one of which has been the subject of closure orders for antisocial behaviour. Can anyone reassure me that the area is quiet and nice, or indeed let me know if it’s horrible and I need to avoid it?
Thanks, just really don’t want to live there if it’s grim/noisy. I have a small little girl.

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