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Scottish Christmas meet-up - fancy a trip over to Edinburgh?

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prettybird Mon 30-Aug-10 16:02:30

Thread over here looking for those interested in a Christmas meet-up.

The last few years there has been a good night out organised in Edinburgh. Even though I'm a weegie, I've always enjoyed the trip over - and have met some interesting Mumsnetters in the process (starting from having to try to find the other weegies at Queen Street!)

I'll be going over - anyone else interested?

prettybird Tue 31-Aug-10 09:59:42

I know it's along way away, but we Glaswegians usually like a piss-up chat grin!

prettybird Tue 31-Aug-10 18:19:22

There are now a few, OK, 2 West Coasters who have expressed an interest - StayingDavidTennatsGirl and me.

Surely we can drum up some more support from this side of the country

prettybird Thu 02-Sep-10 08:33:22

It's building up some momentum over here: there are now at least 3 of us going over from Glasgow.

AvrilHeytch Fri 03-Sep-10 13:59:39

Message withdrawn

MummyO3 Fri 03-Sep-10 14:08:30

im too nervous meeting mew people and im new on here blush

prettybird Fri 03-Sep-10 15:22:47

Well, there's plenty of time yet Mummy03. Maybe if there is a meet-up in betweentimes in Glasgow where you can get a chance to meet some of us, you'll feel more confident

I didn't know anyone the first time I went to a meet-up! grin

SlummyMummyAndProud Fri 03-Sep-10 15:57:11

I'd like to come (not been to a meet up yet) but I'm due on the 8th so probably not wise

MummyO3 Fri 03-Sep-10 17:33:27

do you all know each other really well etc? blush lol
x nikita x

SlummyMummyAndProud Sat 04-Sep-10 16:55:58

Dont know a sausage

MummyO3 Sat 04-Sep-10 21:42:16

lol makes me feel a little better spoke to dp about it so yeah think i may indeed go x

SlummyMummyAndProud Sat 04-Sep-10 23:44:00

I'd love to go.

Oh well maybe next year.

prettybird Tue 07-Sep-10 10:49:44

Mummy03 - I think it was you who was originally from Milngavie. I used to live there too (opposite Cairns Church), although for various reasons, I went to Bearsden Academy rather than Douglas. However, I left school long before you were born blush

My mum and dad still live close to Milngavie.

MummyO3 Tue 07-Sep-10 11:41:48

lol cool prettybird how long before you may know my mum or one of my aunts genevieve,leah,sharron,theresa o'donnell

prettybird Tue 07-Sep-10 12:08:42

Nope - none of those names ring any bells

I left school in 1978 shockblush

prettybird Mon 04-Oct-10 09:28:37

Mumsnet Christmas night out still open to anyone interested.

Details over here but essentially it will be on 4 December, in Edinburgh, venue still to be confirmed (but coelic friendly and close to a station for the Weegies and others coming from a distance); mid afternoon onwards, relatively quiet restaurant that will allow us to chat serves plenty of Prosecco tea, babies can come too.

There are already a few of us who will be meeting at Queen Street to go across.

ANyone else interested?

prettybird Tue 12-Oct-10 15:17:02

Venue now confirmed as Whighams. Anyone else interested in coming acorss from Glasgow - there are 3 or 4 of us altready meeting up at Queen Street to have a chance to get to know each other on the way over

Mumsnet Scottish Christmas Meet-up

Saturday 4 December, Edinburgh, Whighams; mid afternoon onwards, see menu here.

So far....

Gentle Otter

Anyone else?

Details and discussion on this thread

MummyO3 Tue 12-Oct-10 19:07:15

i was hoping to meet some people for the glasgow night out first but it seems to have crashed and burned lol

deathjeff Tue 12-Oct-10 22:13:09

Looking forward to it

prettybird Thu 28-Oct-10 12:08:38

Another wee reminder: looks like it is going to be the frist meet-up for a few people, so it will be nice to meet a few new faces

I promise I am not a hairy trucker and that I will shave my arms for the occasion grin

prettybird Sat 06-Nov-10 18:03:37

Another reminder: there are still places

Go to the thread over here to gesiter your interest.

prettybird Thu 11-Nov-10 10:22:44


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