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Fozziebump Mon 30-Aug-10 11:23:30

Hi, does anyone know of any baby/toddler groups in Telford? My little one is 4 months old

Flisspaps Mon 30-Aug-10 23:08:19

Some groups are on here

There's an under ones group that meets at HLC Children's Centre on a Wednesday from 1.00-2.30pm, it's free.

Leegomery Community Centre have a 0-5 session on a Mon and Thurs 1.15-2.45, costs £2

Creative session 0-5yrs HLC Childrens Centre Monday 9.30-11.00 (free)

Stay and Play session HLC Childrens Centre, Friday 9.30-11am (free)

Under 1s group - Hadley Health Centre - Monday 10.00-1pm (free)

(Can you tell which area I'm in?!)

Fozziebump Wed 01-Sep-10 15:48:49

Thanks Flisspaps, and you'd never guess which area you're in

BabySensoryTelford Mon 13-Jun-11 22:35:08

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

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