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Calling all Stroud Green-ies expecting a baby!

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stroudgreenie Sun 22-Aug-10 22:54:18

Do you want to meet some other expectant parents? NCT Stroud Green are organising a pub meet-up on Sunday 5th September from 7pm, for parents-to-be who live in Stroud Green/ Finsbury Park. Crouch Enders also invited. This is purely an informal social event- no teaching! no cost!- and both NCT members and non-NCT members are welcome. Come and have a drink with the people you're going to be seeing at baby groups in a few months time! Both mothers and fathers-to-be are welcome.

If you're interested in going along contact the NCT Stroud Green volunteer contact person, whose details are on this page, to get the full info.

stroudgreenie Tue 29-Mar-11 22:39:05

Just to let you all know that there is another one of these organised for Wednesday 13th April from 1930 at a pub in Stroud Green. It's just a free and friendly pub night, aimed at anyone in Stroud Green or adjacent areas like Crouch End or Haringay Ladder, who is expecting a baby. The last one was really well attended by pregnant women and partners alike, both first and second timers, and some good friendships were made.

If you are interested in going along on 13th April, contact the NCT Stroud Green volunteer contact person, whose details are on this page, to get the full info! You don't need to be an NCT member to come along, and it's a purely social event with no charge. See you there!

beesbreath Thu 02-Jun-11 12:10:52

If you're interested in Yoga for Pregnancy, I have been teaching in the Stroud Green area for 20 years. As well as keeping well and preparing for birth, you'll hopefully meet other women due at the same time as you and make friends. It's so helpful to be able to share the joys and challenges of motherhood with others around you. You can find the details on my website All the best, Julie

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