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West London chat into Winter

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sfxmum Sun 22-Aug-10 10:56:40

hello folks chat away

tillyfernackerpants Sun 22-Aug-10 12:48:00

Thanks sfx for new thread!!

I'm happy to babysit if you need anyone. Do recommend the film though. I was tired so thought I might doze off but didn't, really hooked me!

sfxmum Sun 22-Aug-10 15:07:38

Tilly thanks for offer but have now arranged something for the 22nd
however can I be cheeky and bank the offer for the 22nd of November? I have another possibility but always nice to have options as tickets have already been purchasedgrin

hope everyone is having a nice Sunday

sfxmum Sun 22-Aug-10 15:09:08

I meant cinema on 31st got babysitting but outstanding date the 22nd of November for gig we both would like to go to

tillyfernackerpants Sun 22-Aug-10 15:59:24

sfx, no problems, just let me know nearer the time if you need me or not!

UptoapointLordCopper Sun 22-Aug-10 17:55:47

Bit tired today ... grin

SushiMummy Mon 23-Aug-10 08:23:29

Good morning, all.

It was lovely to see some of you on Sat. Food was fab, too. smile

We took DS to beale park on Sat. It's only an hour drive and it has lots of things to do/see (animals, big play areas, paddling pools, a train, etc.). Mind you the restaurant was pricy (but they do organic sausages grin) so I'd bring a picnic next time.

tillyfernackerpants Mon 23-Aug-10 09:16:25

Hi sushie, thanks for the park tip, we'll probably go there on Sat!

I've finally got my new oven, let the baking commence grin

sfxmum Mon 23-Aug-10 09:49:18

hello all

we will probably head out to some museum or other, we are letting the children decide when we meethmmgrin

so glad we had rain it was so muggy yesterday
have a nice day all

UptoapointLordCopper Mon 23-Aug-10 10:36:07

Four pairs of shoes/trainers in 45 mins. All done!

SushiMummy Mon 23-Aug-10 10:42:51

Hi Tilly, sorry you couldn't make it on Sat. Forgot to mention re Beale Park; don't forget to take swimming stuff just in case. DS wanted to go to the paddlling pool but we didn't take his swimming pants.

vbus Mon 23-Aug-10 12:13:51

Hello all

Really nice evening out oN sat and good to catch up smile

Sushi - thanks for tip for day out, might try it sometime

Copper - I'm impressed! Btw went into Milletts yesterday and they having a final camping clearance so you could get a bargain. Think we'll try and upgrade our tent into family size now and then we're ready for next summer

Don't know where the morning has gone, (mostly dull chores) but off to party this afternoon, should be more lively for the DC grin

ProfessorLaytonIsMyLoveSlave Mon 23-Aug-10 12:40:02

Hello... can I sidle back into this thread? It's only been <<weighs up age of DD>> nearly three years or so since I last posted on it...

tillyfernackerpants Mon 23-Aug-10 13:18:23

Hi professorlayton, welcome back! Love your name btw, but who were you originally???

vbus, hope it's an indoor party!!

We're having a lazy day. Just doing a bit of work & then ds1 & I are off to make chocolate brownies! If there's time, I may also try to make some bread.

ProfessorLaytonIsMyLoveSlave Mon 23-Aug-10 13:35:13

Last time I was here I was lemonaid, I think. I got all confused by new technology when it moved onto MN Local from Meetups and then kept losing the thread.

vbus Mon 23-Aug-10 13:41:16

Hello Professor, welcome back!

Tilly - yes party is indoors but have to venture out in sogggy weather to get there! Plus have to pick up DS1 friend as his mum can't be bothered going hmm I didn't see why he should miss out so I said I'd take him

Happy baking, enjoy using new oven smile

lizzylu Mon 23-Aug-10 13:45:35

Hi Mums, we need to get a regular babysitter as our current lovely sitter will not be free as regularly, just looking at local options and was wondering if anyone has used 'Sitters' locally? DH and I are just a little apprehensive at the thought of leaving the kids (7 mths and 2.5) with someone we haven't met before but was just interested to see if anyone else has used them and feedback? thanks

tillyfernackerpants Mon 23-Aug-10 13:54:44

Professor, ah yes, all clear now grin, welcome back anyway!

vbus, very nice of you to take friend as well. I know parties can be a bit of a pain sometimes but shame for dc's to miss out!

Will report back on new oven grin

lizzy, I've used Sitters once. The person we got seemed ok, we only had ds1 at the time who would fall asleep at 7 & not wake up until morning, so she didn't really need to do much! We haven't used them since as we thought it worked out quite expensive. Good luck finding someone, we haven't managed it yet!!

sfxmum Mon 23-Aug-10 16:19:32

hello back from wild zoo otherwise known as NHM <collapses>

lizzie sorry no info on sitters

professor welcome back nice to see you around

tilly how goes the baking? my oven will need to be replaced within a year I think but hopefully will hold out a bit longer so we can re do kitchen in one go

shoe shop tomorrow I think
must still fit in British Museum and Childhood museum before going back to school, running out of days soon we will be slaves to timetables

sfxmum Mon 23-Aug-10 16:20:57

btw the Cocoon or Darwin centre is fantastic dd spent ages with a bug expert talking about beetles and analysing them in detail, staff super patient and good with children, made her day

tillyfernackerpants Mon 23-Aug-10 16:30:44

sfx, baking not so good. Brownies taste ok but didn't leave them in long enough so it fell apart when I tried to take them out of the tin! Just getting used to temps when I'm used to sticking it on the highest it will go!

Thanks for tip on Darwin centre, will try to go there before school starts again. So much I haven't managed to fit in, not sure where the time's gone confused

ProfessorLaytonIsMyLoveSlave Mon 23-Aug-10 16:39:48

I agree the Cocoon is great (although DS was more interested in running down the corridor, even when a bug expert attempted to interest him in beetles... sob... he was interested in malaria prevention, though, but I think that was largely down to the interface).

sfxmum Mon 23-Aug-10 17:13:51

tilly it takes time to get used to ovens keep trying grin

professor funny you should mention malaria, one of the children with us was saying she would never go to Africa on account of Malaria

we also watched a short talk/ chat on preserving specimens dd told him she likes to press flowers.

UptoapointLordCopper Mon 23-Aug-10 17:33:25

sfx - cocoon sounds good. We'll do that next time we go, and the sequioa.

sfx/vbus/kew - more camping question: what lamp?

professor - hello!

tilly - is it a fan oven? Probably needs a few more experiments to get it right. Post results this way if you need guinea pigs.

UptoapointLordCopper Mon 23-Aug-10 17:37:41

Tower bridge tomorrow. But lift time has changed to 10.45 and 12.25...

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