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Hereford Hospital

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paisleypark Tue 17-Aug-10 13:47:12

hello there
we're moving to the ledbury area in 2 months time so i need to sort out where i am giving birth! can anyone give me any recent feedback on hereford hospital. have had a quick look online and there seems to be quite a bit of negativity about the maternity ward but not the labour ward itself. also some of these comments seemed quite old so i wondered if things had turned around more recently?
any thoughts appreciated

2Sue2 Sun 05-Sep-10 18:36:51

Ledbury is located pretty much between Hereford and Gloucester and between the two I have opted for Gloucester. I had a good experience there with my second. From people I know the labour ward is good but the maternity ward isn't at Hereford.

paisleypark Thu 09-Sep-10 14:05:54

Thank you very much - so hard to get all these things figured out from a distance!

mummyrudge Sun 12-Sep-10 20:39:54

I gave birth at hereford hospital and i live in ledbury.....the labour ward was amazing! they were just so wonderful. I had a very long 26hr labour and alot of shift changes but all the midwifes were great and the doc who had to come help me deliver....saved my life....she was incredable....I will agree that the maternity ward isnt so great i only spent 1 night there and it is understaffed but once you get there the hard work is usually done. If you need any other local advice let me know :D

greenbeanie Mon 13-Sep-10 13:58:17

I had my 2nd baby in Hereford and had a great experience. They were very keen for my labour to be how I wanted it to be. I wasn't in for long, arrived at 3am and was back home by 11am having a 6 hour discharge. as they weren't busy as i was allowed to stay on the labour ward and go straight home from there, so no experience of the postnatal ward.

All I would say is that from my experience and from talking to other mums postnatal wards are often not the best wherever they are!

paisleypark Wed 22-Sep-10 11:21:33

Thanks so much! Moving up in 9 days - very excited!

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