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any mums in the Maybush, Southampton area?

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LadyTamaska Mon 16-Aug-10 21:08:06

I'm a 30yo mum of a little girl who has just turned 18 months. Married, and work part time at a local secondary school.

I'm looking for friends to meet up with and spend time with the kids and having a chat. XXX

jetgirl Mon 16-Aug-10 21:16:52

I'm in shirley, have a dd who's nearly 5 and a ds who will be 3 in November. I also work part time in a local secondary school!

LadyTamaska Mon 16-Aug-10 21:20:04

I work at Mountbatten in Romsey as the art technician... what do you do?

Shirley is not far from me at all grin

LadyTamaska Mon 16-Aug-10 21:20:38

I work at Mountbatten in Romsey as the art technician... what do you do?

Shirley is not far from me at all grin

jetgirl Mon 16-Aug-10 21:37:02

I'm a teacher at Cantell. I know someone who teaches at Mountbatten too! I've also recently made contact with another mumsnetter in the area who has an 18 month old. Haven't met her yet though.

LadyTamaska Fri 20-Aug-10 19:15:02

lol, its a small world sometimes -I went to school at mountbatten, now i'm back there working. Did seem strange at first.

I'm very new to mumsnet, I'm hoping to be able to increase my mummy friends - alot of my mates don't have kids, so it can be difficult to bored them with kid

jetgirl Sat 21-Aug-10 22:17:41

Ooh, that's weird, I was a pupil at Cantell and now I'm back there! Do you work with any former teachers? I found that really hard at first! Mummy-friends are really important, I didn't really have when my dd was born and it could be lonely.

SaintAva Sat 20-Nov-10 20:28:42


I'm in Lordswood, with a 10 month old and am 11 weeks pregnant with number 2! Eek! Am 30 next month, and went to Romsey School!

I'd also like to chat with people, though most nights at the moment I am in bed by 9 as shattered! smile

SaintAva Sat 20-Nov-10 20:29:23

sorry, far too many exclamation marks in that last post of mine, fingers got carried away

shoneshine Mon 22-Nov-10 11:23:02

Hiya, we moved to Millbrook at the beginning of October from North Devon, big culture shock at first but good to be near the shops! My mum and dad bought a house in Totton to be near my elderly Grandad so we wanted to be near them but cant afford Totton prices yet! Im 28wks pregnant with our 4th, couldnt see what it is this time! We have an almost 6 year old boy, 4 year old daughter and 2 year old boy. Im not sure of many place to take the kids to play yet though I have been to the Common and got lost, lol. Hoping to have this one at the Ashurst Birthing centre, any of you been there? Xx

SaintAva Mon 22-Nov-10 20:22:43

Welcome to Southampton shoneshine! The birth centre is really nice, I had my daughter at the Princess Anne as I live so close, and had to have forceps in the end so would have been taken there from the birth centre. My friend has just been there for a few days after having a c-section at the Princess Anne and I went to see her, very nice and relaxing.

The sports centre is good as well - there's a little playground, and trampolines etc, and lots of football pitches, cricket etc. xx

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