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Primary One mums how did you do?

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giggly Mon 16-Aug-10 19:51:24

As we are way ahead of our Southern neighbours we can have the pleasure of starting firstsmile
I managed the whole way through the meet and greet ( no pun intended), seeing dd sitting at her desk and walking home before greetin!

She obviously had a great time and is raring to go back tomorrow.

Did notice that there was little eye contact on the way out with the other parents, wobbly lips perhaps?

weegiemum Tue 17-Aug-10 08:20:53

at "meet and greet".

Glad it went well for your dd. My huge clodhoppers went into primaries 3, 4 and 6 and it went fine.

I do remember my dd2 being surprised when I told her she had to go every day - once was enough for her!

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