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Have you thought about a personal trainer?

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TiggerDell Thu 12-Aug-10 20:49:02

I'm not sure where you live - I live in Stockport, Cheshire but I wanted to share my story. For years I have struggled with my weight - since having my boys my fitness regime has been non-existent - My youngest son is 3 and I still looked pregnant. I have tried Slimming World and Weight Watchers with no success - I still comfort eat - kidding myself. I decided enough was enough and hired a personal trainer.
I have been training with John since April and have now lost 1 stone in weight. It's been hard work - at first I walked, jogged and ran to alternative lamp-posts - it nearly killed me!! I then noticed that I started to enjoy running and now run every evening. The buzz from running has reduced my appetite - I am alot more confident and happier in myself - going running gives me time to switch off - a chance to escape. My friends have commented how different I am - alot calmer.
I've realised this is the start of a journey to a whole new me - a lifestyle change - John has pointed me in the right direction. The advantage of a personal trainer is that they fit in with you.
I want to help other mums - I was so unhappy before - I have lost weight - my tummy has flattened and I can fit into my pre-kids clothes.
Hope this helps some mums - if you live near me give it a go - you've got nothing to lose except weight!!!

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