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Help finding a Nursery or childminders

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Jenn33 Thu 05-Aug-10 13:54:59

hoping someone can help as I'm really struggling. I'm moving to Greater Manchester and will be living in Walkden but working in Manchester at Oxford Road. My son is nearly two and has up to now been at a brilliant childminders but I'm thinking nurseries now as her holidays were difficult to cover. Can anyone recommend a good nursery wither near the city centre, in Walkden or between the two places.

shellchildminder Mon 09-Aug-10 14:55:27

Hi i am a registered childminder in the little lever area of bolton, i have a space available and i am very flexible with working hours where i can work eveings/weekends and i am also registered to provide overnight care.
I only take 2 weeks holiday per year (which i never end up taking lol as i have only had 2 days this year) and if you were to struggle to find alternate childcare whilst myself is off i have another childminder who lives close by i recomend to parents if they are happy for there child to go there.Myself and my children spend alot of time with other childminders and there children so we all become one big family so when it comes to childminders taking holidays my children are quite happy to be left with other childminders as they know them really well as they see them on a daily basis.
Hope this helps,

dids35 Tue 12-Oct-10 17:44:04


Kidsunlimited in the Green Building in the city center is a really good nursery.(Just near the Oxford Road Station).My son went to the one in Didsbury and he loved it!!

Libsterlou Tue 16-Nov-10 15:58:52


Yes the kidsunlimited Macintosh nursery is just off Oxford and its really easy to reach from the train station. The nursery is lovely and my little one loved it there.

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