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hi i am new to mumsnet

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mummybubble Sun 01-Aug-10 15:48:17

hiya im steph and new to mumsnet, i live in the ards peninisula and looking for friends near me ards/bangor i would classify as close also, im 22 with a 14 month old girl her name is holly.
i wasnt too sure where to post so i thought the co. down forum would be the right place.
hope to hear from mums nearby

mummybubble Sun 01-Aug-10 15:51:20

hi my name is steph and new to mumsnet and looking for friends nearby, i live in the ards peninsula so if anyone is from ards/bangor thats ok too.
i have a 14 month old, holly, moved from edinburgh to have my daughter over here and for my partner to be closer to his family.
i wasnt too sure where to post so i thought the co. down page was the best page to put my post.
would look forward to hear from any mums nearby

2boysandbean Mon 02-Aug-10 23:21:06

Hiya im from bangor and have 2 boys and baby 3 on the way

ChilledChick2 Sat 05-Mar-11 13:04:55

Hi Mummybubble I'm from Bangor too. I've a boy and a girl and would love to meet some new people/MNers. Would be happy to meet up in Bangor if you want.

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