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Local mum saying HI :)

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morvyporv Wed 28-Jul-10 15:54:16

I am 50 mins north of Inverness and 35 mins from Dingwall. Have 2 girls, aged 4 and 5 and due again in October.
Just wondering if there was any other local mums?
Cheers :0

missjulie Sat 21-Aug-10 16:44:32

I am first time mum to 18 week old.
Live just off A96 outside Inverness.


MercyMe Thu 02-Sep-10 18:29:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rachelinscotland Fri 10-Sep-10 14:43:23

Maybe you're not too far from where I'm at! I used to live in Dingwall but moved about a half hour north of there last year - needed a bigger house! lol I've got a 4.5yo daughter, 3.5yo son, 17mo son, and expecting baby #4 in October!

Dylthan Fri 08-Oct-10 19:50:32

Hello local mums I've a 3yr ds and a 10week dd.

I live in the Ross-shire area there does seem to be precious few of us on here.

How is everyone doing?

flier Wed 13-Oct-10 17:22:06

hello dylthan. whereabouts in ross-shire are you? I'm in the black isle

DiethanresurrectZombiestyle Fri 15-Oct-10 20:05:21

Hi flier I think I could be in the black isle too. I'm sort of on the border of Ross-shire and Inverness-shire. My geography skills never were up to much grin

Is there ever any mn meetups in this area?

DiethanresurrectZombiestyle Fri 15-Oct-10 21:11:07

Ooh I just remembered I name changed for Halloween but it is me dylthan. wink

Just incase you thought who on earth is this.

Mistymoo Fri 15-Oct-10 21:14:14

Hi I live in Ross-shire too. I have a 10yr ds, a 7yr dd and nearly 6mth ds.

flier Sat 16-Oct-10 10:52:05

We have had meet ups, but they were very small. If anyone would like to make a suggestion (where & when), we could start another one? I have a 7yo DS and a 4yo DD.

foxypar4 Sat 16-Oct-10 14:50:46

I'm in Dornoch and have 2 boys. DS1 will be 3 at Christmas and DS2 turned 1 in August. I'm guessing you're not very far from me?

flier Wed 20-Oct-10 09:48:54

hi foxy, you're not too far, I'm a bit closer to Inverness.

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