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Summer surfing courses!

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Hennington Mon 26-Jul-10 17:15:59

Does anyone know of a good summer surfing course in Cornwall - I'm new to the area (between Truro and St Austell) and want to get the girls (10 and 8) out in the surf!

All the courses I've found seem quite expensive and are probably aimed at tourists - I'd like something a little more cosy and include locals that they could meet and get to know!!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

notanidea Thu 29-Jul-10 20:34:58

Hi Hennington

I am also looking for surfing lesson for my 10 year old DD but am in Wales.So unfortunately cant help you. But ave you tried British surfing association website for any local lesson. Can you tell why you choose surfing - I am only asking this as we both are not very adventurous but DD is extremely keen to surf( after a small surf board which we bought for her on holiday),is a very good swimmer .
I have googled and found one reasonably close by. Typicaly cost here seem to be 25 pounds for half a day.

I am a bit apprehensive though allowing a 10 year old into the beach. Just asking for your experience and advice.How many lessons do they need and do they have to do it every year. Sorry, I am a bit lost when it comes to things like this. Thanks in advance.

casbie Wed 15-Dec-10 21:10:11

make sure your kids can swim first and understand how tides work (talk to the local RNLI lifeguard at your local beach).

get good surf reports on the best beaches to by looking at

mawgan porth has a good surf acadamy and they do parties (might be a good introduction?)...

i would say get a boogie-board and see how they get on with that and then look at getting a 'proper' board as it can get expensive if you thinking of doing it seriously...



casbie Wed 15-Dec-10 21:11:22

ooh, and good surf for little ones is 2-3ft, and only let them go in up to their hips!
: )

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