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BBrownie Sun 25-Jul-10 21:48:09

Hi there
I'm new to mumsnet so appologies if I'm discussing something which has already been posted but I'm still finding my feet on here so to speak!

I've moved to Shap from Hampshire and would like to meet a new group of friends - I was in an NCT group before and we met up weekly for a cake catch up and had a few days (and evening's out) once in a while too. I'm interested in meeting other mums with children in the area... I'm a pretty proactive person and try and do lots of activities with my son and am a keen walker and have discovered some lovely places to go locally.

I'd like to make new friends as I seem to go for quite a long time without talking to another adult sometimes!! I have a little boy who is coming up to his first birthday this August.

Many thanks.

mullymummy Sun 13-Feb-11 19:59:34

Hi BBrownie,

Did you manage to find any groups? I moved to Penrith from Nottingham and am also looking for local groups!


BBrownie Sun 08-May-11 11:02:01

Hello Carole.

I went along to the local playgroup in the village which was fab... met a super bunch of people - the Bampton playgroup down the road is absolutely superb. I'm moving again (due to husband's job... this time to Germany!) I hope you settled into life in Penrith.

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