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Does anyone know why they have shut Norfolk maternity ward at Derriford?

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DetectivePotato Sun 25-Jul-10 20:26:11

My friend told me that they have shut Norfold ward. Does anyone know why and if and when it is reopening?

Devendra Mon 09-Aug-10 06:41:19

I thought it was shut dow years ago due to funding issues.

ben5 Mon 09-Aug-10 06:50:58

it was open when i had ds2 nov 05.

DetectivePotato Fri 13-Aug-10 09:47:15

No, they shut about 6 months ago.

My friend said they are turning it into a gynae ward.

Great, Derriford Hospital with one maternity ward!

sungirltan Sat 14-Aug-10 21:47:35

it was open last october i had dd there.

DetectivePotato Sat 14-Aug-10 22:38:33

Yes, as I said its been shut for 6 months, so only from about January/February time.

lifeas3plus1 Fri 03-Sep-10 21:09:56

I'll let you know in a couple weeks (or maybe tonight if these pains carry on).

I'll ask while i'm there.

The only other ward is Argyle isn't it? That's a tiny ward. Can see a few problems with that.

saintlydamemrsturnip Fri 03-Sep-10 21:15:53

I thought they shut and opened it depending on need. But my Derriford baby is nearly 6 so I'm not up to date!

oooggs Fri 03-Sep-10 21:16:05

Blimey I have used Norfolk ward many times (lots of admissions before twins decided to actually arrive)

Glad I am not having anymore if this is the state of play with maternity at Derriford shock

DetectivePotato Sun 05-Sep-10 12:00:22

No, as I said above. It has been shut to turn into a gynae ward.

It is permanent. We are left with 1 sodding maternity ward at an already ridiculously busy hospital.

Fucking great!!!!! People are having c sections and going him within 2 days as they need to get everyone out asap! Bloody shambles. Dreading February now (when I am due).

lifeas3plus1 Thu 09-Sep-10 20:12:28

I had to go at the weekend and there where women there all being discharged straight from delivery ward.

They hadn't even made it up to the post natal ward.

It was a shambles to say the least. I was in loads of pain and was ushered into the crappy day room and was waiting over an hour to be seen.

Luckily I was only 2cm dilated but I can see people having to give birth on the bloody floor at this rate!

DetectivePotato Fri 10-Sep-10 22:39:56

Oh joy!!!!

Wish there was somewhere else close by I could go instead!

Good luck for yours.

saintlydamemrsturnip Fri 10-Sep-10 22:54:27

Mind you they discharged me (c-section) after 2 days with Norfolk ward available.

Does sound crazy,

APixieInMyTea Tue 02-Nov-10 21:48:34

Sorry, I totally forgot to come back to this thread. (I was lifeas3plus1)

Ds2 is 7 weeks old tomorrow. I was discharged straight from delivery about 3hrs after he was born.

I did ask about the ward when I was there and they said it was open and it was just closed for refurbishment but they still weren't sure it was staying open. So why bloody refurbish it then. hmm

CrazyPlateLady Wed 03-Nov-10 09:55:00


Its been closed for at least 9 months!! And they were doing it when I was there having DS 2.9 years ago. They were taking up all the carpets that weekend and there were 5 workmen walking around at 7am when I was staggering to the shower in a hospital gown. Was awful. The room where we ate was shut and we had to walk over to Argyll and I could barely walk because of my stiches and the midwife was walking far too fast for me to keep up. Plus I didn't like leaving DS alone in my room while I had to trek over to the other dining room.

FFS, you think they could have sorted it out by now!

Congrats on your DS btw. smile

CrazyPlateLady Wed 03-Nov-10 09:56:33

(I was DP btw).

piratecat Wed 03-Nov-10 10:02:25

ridiculous. i had dd there in 2002, terrible experience, rubbish midwife who i madea complaint about. I can't imagine how they will deal with just the argyl ward, thats ridiculous imo.

i'd never go there again.

AnonInPlym Wed 17-Nov-10 10:08:05

Where would you go Piratecat? Is there anywhere else nearby that would be close enough when you are in labour?

LouLouS Mon 23-May-11 12:50:51

Norfolk ward has officially closed and never to reopen. Norfolk ward now belongs to the Gynaecological services. Argyll ward has been refurbished to accommodate more beds and the staff who used to work on Norfolk are now based on Argyll with an increased midwife:patient ratio, and support staff. Transitional care still remains a postnatal ward for the babies requiring support for low birth weight, diabetes etc etc. There is a mixture of feeling for the loss of Norfolk ward amongst staff with disadvantages and advantages either way. smile

CrapBag Mon 06-Jun-11 19:51:34

They may have more midwife to patient ratio but they are still very stretched. I asked 4 different people to show me where spare blankets were for DD when she was sick on hers. Each one said "oh I'll get them for you," only to never reappear. In the end the woman who takes the photos got me a sheet and I just wandered out to find someone to show me where the cupboard was so I could get some blankets.

They were doing their best but they clearly need more staff for somewhere that has so many deliveries.

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