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Where are all the Mum's in Dunfermline?

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crazyforniamh Sat 24-Jul-10 22:27:47

Is there anyone out there? Us Dunfermline Mums must be very busy folk. Wld love to hear from any new Mums.

ln1981 Wed 28-Jul-10 00:32:09

Not a new mum, but a Dunfermline mum!! Is that allowed??

My name is Lynne, and I have 3 dc's aged 6, 4, and 3. We live near Bellyeoman P.S, having just moved up from Duloch.

How about you? smile

crazyforniamh Thu 05-Aug-10 16:16:03

Hi In1981 I am a first time Mum with one DD aged 20 weeks. Sorry for the delay in responding, - thought this thread was dead! How are the school hols going for you?

ln1981 Sat 14-Aug-10 19:05:02

Aww congrats!
Thats ok, not sure if there are many of us on here you know! i check ithis page on the off chance. And my apologies for not replying back quicker either!
The school hols havent been too bad actually-not as stressful as I feared they might be! wink
Am secretly glad however that they are all over this week...
I have 3dc's-2 boys aged 6 and 3 and one girl aged 4. Little two are starting school and nursery next week-am going to be so lost (am SAHM) with no children to pick up after at all!

How are you finding being a mummy? I hope it is all going good for you. The early days feel like such a long time ago (feel all nostalgic now!)

Broodymomma Wed 25-Aug-10 20:25:12


Another Dunfermline mum here. I have a 3 year old ds. Originaly from Edinburgh but moved over the bridge 7 years ago. I am in Duloch.

ln1981 Sun 29-Aug-10 23:16:13

hi Broodymomma.

so there are a few of us around then?! grin

tefal Thu 09-Sep-10 15:49:17


I've got a 2 year old boy and we've just moved back to Dunfermline from Australia!

Tried to go to soft play yesterday but it was closed! Ended up at Ceramic Experience and then another trip to the park....there must be more on offer for youngsters?

ln1981 Tue 14-Sep-10 00:36:24

Unfortunately i dont think that there is!
Not been to Ceramic experience yet, though have heard nothing but good thins about it. There is Playplanet down in Dalgety Bay-always packed though! Or Crunch n Play out at Halbeath. Am assuming it was one of these you maybe went to?

if you are able to travel further away and your wee one likes animals, you should give Fife Animal Park a try. Its quite small but its quite reasonably priced and you can feed the animals, also has soft play and a cafe. Its near Collessie, not far from Ladybank.
We only discoverd it last year but we always head there if short on cash and the weathers ok.

tefal Thu 23-Sep-10 20:17:40

It was the one at Halbeath! Strange it was closed really!

Cookie1982 Sat 25-Sep-10 16:55:47

Message deleted

ln1981 Sun 26-Sep-10 12:26:18

I wonder why it was closed?! though i think that one out at Halbeath has changed hands quite a few times since it first opened.
also just thought, there is Jumping Jacks in Kirkcaldy (another soft play) which is also supposed to be quite good.

crazyforniamh Wed 20-Oct-10 20:34:03

Hi Ladies, is this thread still working? Does anyone know/go to any good groups in Dunfermline? My DD is 7 months now and I'd like to take her to some groups. I've e-mailed JoJingles (not sure if I'm a singing in public kinda gal but hey!). I'm just a bit unsure if most groups are really for toddlers rather than babies. Any advice?

ln1981 Sun 31-Oct-10 21:40:33

my friend goes to a mother and baby/toddler group. not sure of the details but i could ask her for you if you like? what about your health visitor. when my wee ones were babies, my hv gave me a massive list of groups. she could be worth a try too.

cara32 Wed 03-Nov-10 11:19:32

I've just started going to Baby Sensory (class in Our Lourdes Church on Aberdour Road), which is quite good and also take my little one to Duloch Parent and Toddlers. Haven't found much else on. Jo Jingles is good fun - I used to take my older child (and you don't really need to sing, although their's lots of dancing around...)

crazyforniamh Sun 09-Jan-11 20:15:47

Sorry folks, my laptop haad a meltdown before Xmas and I just got back online!!

I'm going to try another baby group on Wed (the last one were pretty unfriendly) and I started a music group too that she loves and it's small and friendly. Do any of you take your little ones swimming? If so, where and is it hard work?

paistropical Wed 12-Jan-11 21:53:12

Hello, Im new to this site and thought I would say hello. I have a little boy who is 13 months

paistropical Wed 12-Jan-11 21:55:09

and was just wondering if anyone could recommend any groups/things to do on a WED/FRI as work the rest of the week

Yvonne2010 Tue 01-Feb-11 18:23:07

Hello there,
I live in Dunfermline and have a 1 year old girl. We moved here in Sept 2009 while I was heavily pregnant and due to various pregnancy related health problems I have really been quite isolated. My husband works in Edinburgh and I am a stay-at-home mum.

I took my baby to Inga Jack's Baby Band at the Erskine Church on Robertson Road (Wednesdays) and that is great but just as I was getting to know the mums they all vanished back to their jobs. I take baby for walks and the play park when the weather is nice (snow has kept us in recently).

I really wanted to go swimming but the leisure centre is NEVER going to reopen if the papers are anything to go by. I've seen women with older children going into Bannatyne's gym at Fife Leisure park but I don't think babies would be welcome, I may be wrong. Not sure we could justify gym membership just to get into the pool! I tried Rhyme Time at the library but there is a long waiting list and it was too far for me to get there easily (baby band is closer). It was a nice enough group but the mums just ran off at the end so I didn't think there was much hope of getting to know them. I think the snag is that Dunfermline is pretty much just a commuter town and all the children and babies are in nursery or with grandparents through the day. I really do try very hard to speak to mums and dads but most folk I meet are just a bit aloof. I'm 32 and seem to be older than many of the mums too.

There's a mum and baby cinema event each week at the Odeon, Fife Leisure Park. There is a morning cafe at the Erskine church. I think there is a baby massage class at the Erskine Church and yoga (that may be prenatal). I can't go to lots of paid activities so you'll find me out for a walk at the park or home in the garden. I keep myself amused and baby is getting old enough to be more company. Nothing to do with babies but I'm off to have a doctorfish pedicure at Nailz this weekend with a friend - should be fun.

'Little World' shop near the library is 1 year old this Thursday and the owner is inviting customers along for a discount evening with a glass of bubbly. That's one little outing and her clothes are lovely. The 'Little Peas' shop on Castleblair road (i think that's the name) has coffee facilities but I've not seen anyone just sitting chatting. Arya, cloth nappy mamma, works there and is very nice.

Baby calls!

ln1981 Sat 05-Feb-11 18:44:30

think it is fair to say that there aint much on for us mums in Dunfermline is there?! Even when all mine were babies we didnt have much...
i sometimes take mine to Cowdenbeath for swimming but it can be a bit busy at times. howvever, my dad sometimes takes them to Pettycur, where the caravans are. they let the general public in, and it is normally very quiet. only downside is that you have to pay for the kids. have posted a link below for anyone wo is interested. i cant wait for Carneige to be open again as it is less than a 5min walk and i really resent having to fork out to travel further afield (yes i am a bit tight!! wink )

crazyforniamh Tue 22-Feb-11 14:54:46

Hi folks,

I take my little one to Babay Band on Friday morns and I agree with Yvonne that it's a nice class but folk do tend to go off afterwards. I went to a few parent and toddlers groups but found them a bit clichy. I'm now thinking of trying soft play areas and see if I can meet other mums there for a blether. Anyone got recommendations/want to come?

My girl will be 1 on 13th March - can't believe what a fast year it's been!

Gill x

ln1981 Mon 07-Mar-11 22:24:44

Hi Gill.
Happy Birthday for your wee one when it comes.

Playplanet in Dalgety Bay is good. they have toddler club thingy on a monday 9am-12noon, £2 for 2hours. went this morning with my youngest, he loves it there. it can get quite busy though. the kids also get a juice and biscuit included in that. if you are on facebook, do a search for them and add them to your friends list. they post daily deals for entry and for their wee cafe bit. its also getting redecorated at the moment so in a few weeks time it should look lovely.

If you fancy a wee bit further out, you could try Jumping Jacks in Kirkcaldy. I havent been but its supposed to be really good there too.

pantufah Mon 04-Apr-11 16:41:17

Hi, im a fitness instructor and i run classes for children and adults throughout fife. i dont have any classes set up yet in dalgety bay nor dunfermline, but if enough ppl were interested, i would start them as soon as.

Some of the classes i teach:
Beats Balance and Movement - for children 12 months up to 5yo, to helpt with rhythm, balance,coordination,teamwork and fairplay

Mini-bootcamp-over 5´s

Bootcamp - for adults, weightloss and keet fit camps


Zumba-bootcamp- zumba class mixed with highly energetic fitness drills to help with weightloss and to keep you toned and fit

Email me on or call 07763234908 for info.

I had a much nicer post written but my laptop decided it has a mind of its own and erased it before i could post it, so i just decided to write the short version of it as im on my way to my next class!Sorry!

Hope to hear from you soon!


youngmummyof2 Fri 15-Apr-11 15:53:13

Hi every1 my name is gill I've lived in dunfermline for 6months now and I live in dundee before then. I find it difficult meetin other mums I've been to a few motther and toddler groups but most of them don't really talk and when it ends they all hurry and leave so get a chance to properly speak to them. Would be nice to meet other mums in dunfermline to talk x

missdelt Thu 21-Apr-11 13:48:01

Hi Ladies
I'm a mum to be, due our first baby on 25th July.

Like some of you I would like to get to know some other mums in the dunfermline area, so if anyone is up for doing just that and having a chat let me know. If folks are interested, maybe we could use this post to organise something


thelambliesdown Thu 21-Apr-11 15:59:31

Hi! Not sure if it is still going, but 20 and 15 years ago when I had babies, NCT Dunfermline branch was a godsend and they had loads going on. It was a great bunch of women from all walks of life and we had baby groups, met at the park, coffee mornings and evening meetings in member's houses.May be worth seeing if things are still as active these days!

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