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anyone from Melksham or Corsham area?

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mahalo Fri 23-Jul-10 22:02:35

Moving to Atworth (village between Bath and Melksham) at end of August. Bit of a billy no mates so would like to get to know a few people. I am 37 and am married with a 9 month old daughter. I'm interested in mtnbiking, snowboarding (not that I really get to do much of either of them these days), reading, travelling, yoga, meditation and being in the great outdoors. I like to give a tree a little hug if noone is watching!
I was a youth worker before I had my daughter and am also studying (very slowly) for an MA in youth and community work.
Anyone out there....?

cheekymonkeyno3 Mon 02-Aug-10 16:00:27

hi i'm in corsham. although it seems like quite a small place there are loads of toddler groups etc to go to and everything you need in corsham town. lovely place to bring up children and really handy to get to bath. ask away if you have any questions.

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