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AngryBeaver Sat 11-Aug-12 00:58:37

Arrgh,had to start a new thread!

Yes,you can get more land in Tauranga. Well,somewhere like Omokoroa or somewhere.Wouldn't want to live much closer than that. And I woulkdn't want to live at he Mount. Lovely as it is. Too touristy,imo.
We would like enough land for a pool (eventually) maybe a sleepout and still enough for a veggie patch and garden for kids. Don't neeed acres +. Wouldn't say no though,if we could afford it! Be nice to have a few sheep or something/

I think Mum would have to fly to Tauranga. So that would be
Manchester-London,London-Singapore, Singapore-Aukland,Aukland- Tauranga

justa howws the back? Hope physio was a help,we may have driven past you!
Your house sounds great.
My mums friend lives in Silverdale.She has about an acre with some sheep etc
Wasn't overly impressed at but didn't give it a proper look I suppose,just stopped to buy flowers for Mums friend! Always worth another look

WhatSheSaid Sat 11-Aug-12 01:25:25

So is your dh more keen on Tauranga area and you're more keen on Auckland?

Have you done a pros and cons list of both? I did that recently with primary schools as I was feeling very indecisive.

Sibble Sat 11-Aug-12 01:28:05

I agree about the feel of a place as well as making the list of pros and cons - a very sweeping statement but I don't like North or West (please don't shoot me down!). Although I have specific reasons it is mostly they don't feel right to me. I love the South/East. I love Otara market, the cultural diversity of the area, proximity to East coast beaches, West coast beaches, Botany and Sylvia Park for shopping and town if I'm feeling brave and so many other things. I love my boys playing league for a South Auckland team, the fact they have a very diverse multicultural group of friends (especially ds1 who goes to private school). I love that ds1 seems able to spend the weekend at one of his friend's aunties in Otara and be comfortable but be equally comfortable staying at the bach of a school friend in Pauanui, travelling back in the private helicopter because 'it was quicker!".

I did raise an eyebrow this week though, ds2 seems to have embraced South Auckland culture a bit to the extreme, when I picked him up from school and he raised an eyebrow in my direction and said 'sup'. To which I replied - 'if you mean how are you Mummy and did you have a good day' I'm good and yes I did have a good day grin.

You will only really get a feel for the area IMO by hanging out at the park, visiting the shops, seeing whats on (pools, sports, etc...) and for each of us our needs will be different. Most people seem to run from Sth Auckland but I love it (even though one of the parents at ds2s team training this week was talking about his 'home D' and when his bracelet gets removed. I tried not to do the shocked English white person face!

WhatSheSaid Sat 11-Aug-12 02:08:04

This is completely irrelevant to the topic, but dh went outside a little while ago to fill in 2 holes in the driveway that were drilled in the wrong place by builders. They were mostly filled in again by the builders, just need a few shovelfuls of earth on top so we can drive over them again. It's a 10 minute job.

He has been out there for 90 minutes talking to our neighbour. He has not even picked up a spade yet. Give me strength!

vvviola Sat 11-Aug-12 02:48:50

I've nothing constructive to contribute but just wanted to mark the thread or else I'll be wondering where everyone is gone grin

Good luck with decisions AB! When you haven't a particular tie to a specific area it's so hard to narrow it down...

thelittlestkiwi Sat 11-Aug-12 03:11:18

Whatshesaid- I am jealous that your OH is willing to pick up a shovel even if it takes a lifetime. Mine doesn't get his hands dirty.

AB- One pro to go on the Auckland list is the variety of jobs here. My impression (although I have yet to enter a proper workplace here) is that it can be rather 'political'. Which means that if a job goes tits up it can be good to have some other options out there. I guess not many of us will stay in a job for the next 20 years anyway.

AngryBeaver Sat 11-Aug-12 03:24:46

s'up winksibble you have to tell me what Home D and Braclet removing means!!! (And I will do my shocked white person face!
(My friend's husband was called a "white bastard" the other day shock)

Ooh,it really is hard. I think dh <would> prefer Tauranga. But I have to cosider my Mum.
Also, I feel like we would be even further away from "civilisation" if you see what I mean. Everything is in Aukland.
I really didn't like Torbay,Browns Bay etc the first time we drove throught them. Only because all the houses seemd to just be on top of each other.
But I suppose it's like that here.
Our neighbours on either side,are far too close for my liking (infact dd is playing tennis over the fence with the little boy from next door!Well,they are trying t play tennis but she is a bit little!) I really like my privacy and hate being overlooked. God knows what they hear from this house blush
They are creating a ferry service to Beach Haven at the end of the year.And have just been looking at the wharf area,which looks lovely. We must have totally missed the "centre" as apparantly there are 2 main streets lined with shops?!
If only we could find a bit of space,I think I'd consider there

AngryBeaver Sat 11-Aug-12 03:25:10

whatshesaid go and hit him with the shovel wink

AngryBeaver Sat 11-Aug-12 03:27:22

Job prospects definitely better in Aukland. And chance of climbing the career ladder,which would never have happened in Uk unless moved to London,which we didn't want to do

WhatSheSaid Sat 11-Aug-12 03:35:45

AB Home D is home detention and the "bracelet" is the electronic tag they have to wear to ensure they stay where they're meant to.

If you want somewhere with bigger garden/more land in Auckland (that doesn't cost mega $$$) you'd prob have to go a bit further out which means a bigger commute in.

AngryBeaver Sat 11-Aug-12 04:21:41

shock I would have done this face smile whilst nodding and side stepping away!! sibble, you've not strengthened the case for the South there!!

I know whatshesaid as a friend here said to me,"So,you want a big house with a pool and lots of land,near the beach? Join the queue love!!"

shelscrape Sat 11-Aug-12 06:17:43

Ah yes, Home Detention - you only get home detention in NZ if the offence you committed warranted a term of imprisonment in the first place .....

AngryBeaver Sat 11-Aug-12 09:19:50

That begs the question,why don't they just put them in prison then?!

lollystix Sat 11-Aug-12 09:31:46

Evening ladies - bookmarking my spot. I think you show pay a wee trip out east - Howick way in Auckland - I don't know it well at all but may suit you with commute issues and space and land. Sibble - what do u think?

WhatSheSaid Sat 11-Aug-12 19:28:55

AB - it's cheaper to put people on home detention rather than in prison

AngryBeaver Sat 11-Aug-12 21:17:03

Think howick might be a bit far out.
Speaking of putting people in prison.] Has anyone seen those police programmes that are on here? I can't believe how much the ey're allowed to get away with ! The police seem so soft on them. The "baddies" call them all sorts,totally disrepect them"yeee you're a fuckin' wanker eh bro?!" woman even spat at them and then drove off giving the finger!!! And they did nothing. I thought they'd be really tough on them here for some reason.
Then you watch the UK programme "Coppers"? complete opposite
I've just done something silly. Posted on the p&c parking spaces thread,uh oh

Sibble Sat 11-Aug-12 21:46:51

I love Howick, parts of it are not cheap though. It'd be no further into town, especially if you lived near Half Moon Bay and caught the ferry, than from the North Shore. Properties I think might be cheaper as well closer to the ferry as a short car ride rather than walk to shops, cafes etc....

Try renting first, it's only when you live in an area you get a real feel for it. We lived in Whitford for 10 years, very expensive, very nice but no community feel, found it very hard to make friends and meet people. Live closer to Clevedon now and in 3 months have made more friends than 10 years in Whitford. Friends count for alot when you don't have family.

AngryBeaver Sun 12-Aug-12 00:53:34

That's true Sibble, I know what you mean.
I just worry about uprooting the kids every few months if the area doesn't suit!

thelittlestkiwi Sun 12-Aug-12 01:00:47

I've just started a thread about internet shopping sites. Would love your word of wisdom ladies!

AngryBeaver Sun 12-Aug-12 02:13:31

Someone just compared aparthied to p&c spaces and called me subservient!!Ahhh,dh wishes!

AngryBeaver Sun 12-Aug-12 02:14:03

Will look for your thread littlest where is it,chat?

thelittlestkiwi Sun 12-Aug-12 03:13:45

Living overseas. Am hoping for some good US sites. I often see shoes on US sites really cheap but then they don't deliver. Grrr.

justaboutiswarm Mon 13-Aug-12 10:51:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AngryBeaver Mon 13-Aug-12 21:26:33

Is it the right one? (as opposed to the wrong one,ha ha) how did you do it?! Hope not too sore x

justaboutiswarm Mon 13-Aug-12 22:52:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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