Free world cup strip for the Dutchies

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SkiHorseWonAWean Fri 09-Jul-10 12:59:26

Etos are doing today and tomorrow (fri & sat) a free world cup strip with every packet of Pampers. Hup Holland Hup! grin

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scaryteacher Sat 10-Jul-10 15:17:11

Have you popped then Ski (noting name change)?

SkiHorseWonAWean Sat 10-Jul-10 19:53:58

I did. Sudden onset pre-eclampsia, admitted, induced & emcs on 1st July. Not enjoying this heat much - how are you getting on? It was 32.5 inside today and it's driving me crackers - seems like child abuse to cuddle him right now as he gets hot and upset.

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Undutchable Sat 10-Jul-10 22:51:34

Congrats SkiHorse! How did the birth registration go? (this is Catherrs). I'm melting tonight but hoping for respite soon...

SkiHorseWonAWean Sun 11-Jul-10 04:00:37

Terrible. He was born at 19:59 thurs night and gemeentehuis is open until 8pm - so that counted as one day he could/should've been registered. hmm Because he was early I'd only had one day ML and not made it to consulate.

We went tues morning to gemeentehuis bearing in mind I was c-sectiob released mon aft. She said we were outside 3 working days... my bf asked whether he should've donned his superman costume on thurs night... hmm

She wouldn't put bf's name on cert so it's a "father unknown" job which is a bit upsetting - you'd have thought they'd be happy for a man to take responsibility for his kids. If you have a kid here with a married man it's legally impossible here. hmm My bf was however allowed to sign the certificate which seems a bit screwy to me.

At this point the stress made me nose combust and I started spraying blood...

She did however seem to undersrtand our British passports and gave the baby Brit citizenship without question.

All the name/certificate stuff can be sorted out at a later date, but it's going to be a while until I'm up for that mammoth journey to Amsterdam

Perhaps scaryteacher knows - is there anyone on base who can issue a brit birth cert? I'm just a few miles from JFC HQ.

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Undutchable Sun 11-Jul-10 23:15:01

Your are fucking joking? 1 minute counts as a whole working day?? shock. I hope you sprayed blood all over them.

We got British birth certificate at same time as passport so I suppose they now issue them in Paris? Don't know - DS2 (also early, also EMCS) was born in the UK by mistake, so had to get passport there before we could come back to NL! But that's a whole different story.

I'm sorry to hear it's 'Father unknown' - that's a shitter, but hopefully can be sorted out with the British birth certificate.

I hope you're OK now? Huge congrats again, and well done for coping with the Dutch bureaucracy mere days after a section. xx

scaryteacher Sun 11-Jul-10 23:46:59

I don't think there is; but does this links help?

Congratulations as well...boys are fab!

Hot and sweaty in Brussels as well; we are due storms and rain tomorrow so I can go and prance about in the rain.


SkiHorseWonAWean Mon 12-Jul-10 05:12:29

Undutchable - it's offended my very "straight" parents who are throwing cash at the problem! wink But it is all rather academic until I've got the will/strength to go up to the north. <sigh>!

Thanks for that scaryteacher - it all looks very pain free up at the consulate although I'll have to get a new birth certificate for myself as I have no effing idea where mine is. My original is in a landfill outside Brussels somewhere - when moving house 10 years ago I threw it out. blush Just picked up a bag of paperwork and dumped it. Ordered a new copy but have no idea where it is now, it's not in the place I thought it was.

Maybe now I'm a proper grown-up with a child and everyfink (!), it's time to keep an eye on the paperwork!

I'd love to know how these Draconian Dutch paternity laws would work in the UK. Maybe we're just better at <coughs> "liberal breeding"... hmm

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