Need ideas for welcome pack for friend moving overseas please

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DrSpechemin Fri 02-Jul-10 12:08:51

Title says it all really.
Friend is moving to Oz in a few weeks and we wanted to send her a 'Welcome Parcel'. Just need ideas for what to include.

Have thought about cards/photos from leaving parties etcbut am stuck for more ideas.

Your ideas would be gratefully appreciated

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RuthChan Fri 02-Jul-10 22:11:37

A jar of marmite, some cans of Heinz Baked Beans and a box of Jaffa cakes.
Food is one of the main things you miss.

You could also put together an album that includes all her close friends and family as well as familiar places.

A guide book to Oz or the city she's moving to.

A guide book to living and working in Oz. (They have really useful practical info about finding your feet in the new place.)

A CD including any tracks that might bring back memories of home or special occasions.

tefal Sun 04-Jul-10 10:43:23

But be careful with the food you send over as some is banned here in Australia.

springaporesling Mon 05-Jul-10 04:39:42

I was also going to recommend maybe a dvd of a favourite UK tv series - I miss decent tv shows and always ask for these for Christmas/Birthdays!

elvisgirl Mon 05-Jul-10 06:37:03

tefal - UK foods that are banned here are only banned from being sold, they are ok to be given as gifts or for anyone to bring them over for their own personal consumption. Should be fine sending stuff providing it is in small quantities so it doesn't look like the recipient will be flogging it out the back of the car!
For the parcel I would suggest a Uk magazine or two. Here you don't know any of the slebs so don't know who they're going on about & the other mags (women's at least) are full of recipes as they assume all women are at home with nothing better to do than cook these intricate creations, when they're not quilting or scrapbooking that is! (no offence if you're into that tho wink )
Also M&S stuff, like socks or undies, & Boots ownbrand stuff if you know what they like.

chimchar Mon 05-Jul-10 06:44:46

address book completeb with friends postal and email addys....

i was going to say goodies too. dairy milk, marmite etc..

DrSpechemin Mon 05-Jul-10 09:10:25

excellent - thank you everyone - lots of good ideas - will get packing!!!

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exexpat Tue 06-Jul-10 00:10:28

I'd be very careful with sending any food to Australia - they are strict, and IME rules do apply to personal imports, whether by post or in your suitcases - they have food sniffer dogs at the airports, and you are basically not meant to bring anything at all in, though I have been allowed to bring in some of the DCs biscuits after checks. An official website with some information is here.

There's a risk your parcel would end up delayed in quarantine, so I'd go for non-food just in case - books, magazines, toiletries, DVDs (though Aus has the same TV system but different DVD region, so some discs might not play on every DVD player there).

Barbsieboo Tue 06-Jul-10 01:04:10

I have been able to find just about everything I missed in the UK..... but there is one thing - a six pack of uk - aus electric conversion plugs would never go unused.... (dull, boring, practical...)photos of friends are always great. I got an Australian welcome pack and that was a very positive thing it included lamingtons, macadamias and some cheesy crisps... I guess it sent the message we are happy you are here and hope you enjoy getting on with it and enjoying exploring some new foods... and it would not get stuck in customs......

TheBossofMe Tue 06-Jul-10 04:14:17

Magazines, definitely.

Some friends sent me a HUGE parcel of penny sweets a few weeks after I arrived, just when homesickness was starting to set in. So very very appreciated!

I also get everyone who visits to bring me the Sunday Times or Saturday Guardian - really miss the UK papers.

elvisgirl Wed 07-Jul-10 06:41:24

OT to TheBossofMe - if you're in Oz & are really desperate for Sat Guardain let me know & I could forward our copies which we have on subscription, would be old though & maybe have some Hugh Fearnley recipes cut out grin

TheBossofMe Wed 07-Jul-10 12:31:09

elvis - that's really kind of you, but I'm in Bangkok. However, I will now look into getting it on subscription - didn't know you could do that in Oz, so maybe i can do it here. Its silly, I know i can read it all online, but there's something so nice about lounging around after DD has gone to bed reading the papers.....

MmeLindt Wed 07-Jul-10 12:36:30

I am assuming that you can get good tea in Australia, as that is the one thing that we always bring back?

DrSpechemin Wed 07-Jul-10 14:28:42

Ooh don't know about tea - will chuck in a packet of Yorkshire Tea and see

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