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Taking dogs to Dubai?

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Tolalola Fri 25-Jun-10 17:47:27

Hello was just wondering if anyone has taken their pets with them when they moved to Dubai?

DP looks like getting a decent job offer but I couldn't bring myself to leave the pupplys behind.

Is it an ok place to keep animals? Any info greatly appreciated!

TheBride Fri 25-Jun-10 18:19:56

Hi there

I used to live in Dubai until last year. It's sort of okay for dogs but not ideal.A lot of people (expats) have them but I wouldnt say it's ideal dog country for the following reasons.

Arab people are not keen on dogs in general and they are banned from the beaches/ parks etc. Therefore finding somewhere to walk them is tricky, so unless you're happy walking them on the pavement on a lead or can be bothered to drive out to the desert so they can run around, it's not ideal.

Also the summers are hot- really hot- circa 45-50 degrees. You go outside and the air feels thick so you need to walk v v early morning (5am ish) or it's too hot for the dog.

IMO, I would rehome, but I understand your quandry.

TheBride Fri 25-Jun-10 21:27:10

One positive: because nearly everywhere is rented unfurnished, landlords generally dont care if you have pets, unlike in the UK.

Tolalola Sat 26-Jun-10 21:42:59

Thanks for the info TheBride - I suspected that may be the case, but it's good to hear it from someone who's lived there.

Yet another factor to throw into the mix...

frikonastick Sun 27-Jun-10 15:47:13

it does depend on your dog too though. and how central they are to your life.

if having your dogs with you will make you happier as a family, then take them. you (and they) will need to adjust, especialy to the weather, but it can be done. and happily

i would suggest though that if you do decide to take them along, you should figure in the cost of taking them home again

one of the worst parts of living in expat places is how many abandoned pets there are. you really wont belive how callous people can be.

unblissfullyignorant Sun 27-Jun-10 16:48:27

FWIW, we took our cat with us when we moved to Dubai two years ago and I'm so glad we did - she's part of the family and has settled in really well.

Yes the hot weather in summer is appalling (especially at the moment) so you will need to take that into account with walks etc, but everywhere is air conditioned and for 7 months of the year it's just delightfully temperate. I would advise living in a villa with a garden or in a compound as well, instead of an apartment as it's fairer to the animal so they can go outside and will be better for walks as there will be somewhere to walk around.

Excellent vets here too, and would definitely recommend Dubai Kennels and Cattery (DKC) for importing your pet - we used them and they are a very professional, well connected organisation that also does all the paperwork and running around for you. We even board our cat with them now when we go on holiday.

HTH. xx

TheBride Sun 27-Jun-10 18:14:23

Would second DKC for import if you do decide to move and Al Safa or Blue Oasis vets.

I do, however, think cats and dogs are different. Firstly, cats actively seek out heat; most dogs don't.

Secondly, cats can walk themselves- just take themselves off for a stroll through other people's gardens, whereas dogs are more restricted.

I had cats in Dubai (2 of the abandoned pets Frik refers to) but wouldnt have got a dog. However, a lot of people do, so it depends on the dog to an extent.

Tolalola Mon 28-Jun-10 17:48:52

Thanks everyone - the weather is a concern, of course, but we already live in the West Indies, so the dogs are sort of used to the heat (although they'd miss the beach and swimming).

They're not a year old yet, so should adjust ok, I think, and I can't really imagine being without them. I think it'll be either all or none of us going.

NETTEYJC Tue 29-Jun-10 22:11:50

Hi, Never lived in Dubai but have lived in Egypt ( which isn't that far from there), the biggest mistake I made was taking my dogs over there with me. The weather was just far too hot for them and they couldn't cope, air con is also bad for dogs, mine became very depressed - had to have them put down in the end. Also, what with it being a Muslim country, the Egyptians did not like my dogs and were scared of them, it got to the point where I couldn't even walk them as people used to hit them with sticks and throw stones at them. Don't know what the vets are like in Dubai but there wasn't one where I was in Egypt. Plane experience was also very bad for my dogs, one was a big black lab and they dropped the box in transit, when i picked her up at the airport she was bleeding from her back passage - Can't tell you enough what a mistake it was taking them, I now realise that it would have been far kinder had I rehomed them in the UK.

kreecherlivesupstairs Sat 03-Jul-10 08:17:05

Not Dubai, but Oman, a friend had two dogs, one a wadi dog that she adopted and another an alsation that she imported from the UK. Both died under mysterious circumstances which were generally considered to be the neighbours poisoning them. Consider it very carefully.

barbie1 Wed 07-Jul-10 07:04:30

Hi we bought our chocolate lab over from the uk to Dubai and so far he has been fine!
We also used dkc for the relocation, the dog was well looked after and showed no signs of stress.

We live in the emirates hills area, there are lots of lakes around in which to walk the dogs/ We walk him at 5.30am in the summer due to the heat and no later than about 9am in the winter.

The dogs have to be kept on leads at all times but we have found some english people who are happy to let the dogs play together off leads as long as there isnt anybody about.

There is also a dog walking group who post on expat women with dog friendly locations, where the dogs can all meet up and play once a week.

After taking the dog to the vet this week we were told they can actually live longer here because the heat is good for them hmm....a hard paddling pool in the garden is a good buy for them to cool down in.

The only down side to having the dog here is the fact the villa is all tiled white and the bloody brown hairs need sweeping up constantly grin

Starmummy Wed 07-Jul-10 18:08:47

There is a whole pets forum here where you can ask your questions, get recommendations and all the help you need.

andrike Sat 14-Jun-14 19:20:29

Hi guys just wondering. If anyone is currently. Living in dubai

andrike Sat 14-Jun-14 19:22:00

Hello do u still live over in dubai

Isthiscorrect Sun 15-Jun-14 07:13:39

Plenty of us still living in Dubai and yes it is possible to bring your dogs. Expatwoman still have a section on how to do this. also there is something on one the the websites for a local vet. I'm not sure of the details personally but for it is possible. I will have a ponder.

missmeow Mon 02-Jan-17 05:01:43

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