Giving birth in Singapore...

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AsiaMajor Sun 23-May-10 11:03:34

Giving birth in Singapore...

would appreciate some advice from someone who has given birth in Singapore. DH & I made the decision a few month ago to move to Singapore by the end of the year. Low and behold I am now pregnant (expecting mid Jan 2011)Should I delay the move and have baby in the UK OR speed up the move and have baby in Singapore??

pros & cons I can see:

medical care - I understand it's good in Singapore, but I am hoping for a midwife led birth as is offered in the UK, rather than a heavily medicated version. What is common practice there?

Cost - as I am pregnant already there won't be any medical insurance willing to accept me for birth. We are happy paying for the birth, but what if - God forbid- baby needs expensive neo-natal care? Is it any good in Singapore?

Help - obviously much easier to get help in Singapore and the thought of not having to worry about housework with a small baby is appealing.

Any other thoughts anyone??? Which hospitals are good? I am due to go to Singapore soon and will try to visit some places if I can to get first hand impression before I decide.


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ohmeohmy Mon 24-May-10 06:24:53

I know there are good hypnobirthing instructors in Singapore, also doulas... they will ave info even if you don't want to take up their services. try

papooshka Mon 24-May-10 09:02:53

I had both my 2 here in Singapore. The hospitals are fantastic (all private) and the care is great. However the Doctors do need to be very medicalised, they will always err on the side of caution and push for intervention and cs. There are no midwives here, so if you were in hospital giving birth it would be with nurses and the gynae would come in for the last 30 mins.

However there are a few Dr's who are more pro choice and will let you do what you want, theres Paul Tseng at Thomson Medical Centre and also TC Chang at the same place, lots of my friends have used them and they are more relaxed and take a more westernised approach.

I gave birth at Raffles Hospital which was great, but wouldn't recommend if you want a more natural experience.

The neonatal care is great too, but obviously expensive. If you are paying for it all yourself, NUH is cheaper and I have heard of a great OBGYN there called Mary Ralph.

Never given birth in UK so can't say which was better. Good luck !

slim22 Mon 24-May-10 12:13:40

there was a thread a couple of months ago did you find it?

Norm is Dr led birth, but there is a fantastic doula movement here. Generally speaking, Drs at Thompson medical are quite receptive due to the vast numbers of expats who give birth there. As far as I know they have the only birthing pool in town.
Gleneagles and Mount Elizabeth are the other (pricier) favorites.

neonatal costs: neonatal should be taken care of, baby is usually automatically insured under your policy as a dependant from birth.

help. You will love being here for that.

springaporesling Mon 24-May-10 12:52:11

AsiaMajor this is a comparison given by Ministry of Health -

I gave birth at Mount E and was very happy with it but it was expensive and I had a normal uncomplicated delivery.

I think there is a pool at Mt Alverina as well but not too sure.

lovechocolate Thu 08-Jul-10 10:05:41

I am expecting my second in November and am seeing Dr T C Chang at Thompson Medical Centre. Its a complicated pregnancy and the care I am receiving from him has been brilliant. I could not fault him. He does have a midwife on the team and she will meet with you initially to explain how everything works over here! As papooshka says he is more western in his approach. Would recommend him to anyone. He has a website if you want to google him.

Strix Thu 08-Jul-10 10:18:18

Mumsnetter Quokka (not sure if I spelled the right) is a doula in Singapore. Suggest you CAT her.


quokka Fri 09-Jul-10 02:01:10

There are many different styles of Dr's in Singapore. It all depends on the kind of birth you are looking for and finding the right match so to speak (very important). You can CAT me if you want more information. I don't want to say too much in case I get into trouble for selling my services wink. There are 3 hospitals that are open to water birth. NUH which is a government hospital, Mt Alvernia, and unofficially TMC...

Like others have have said the main style is "active management" then there are a handful of Dr's that are "expectant management" most prefer to actively manage your labour as its easier for them to schedule in and they make more money as its a private industry (sad but true)

The Doula movement here is small but very good! Lots of different styles and nationalities so I would suggest you talk and meet with a few and see who you feel the most comfortable with. - Good luck!

cloudylemonade Fri 09-Jul-10 19:34:24

Please read your insurance carefully. Often the baby is excluded for the first 30 days of its life from insurance cover. There have been families caught out by complications after birth (lungs, etc.) and had to fund all treatment, NICU, etc themselves. Worth reading the small print.

Best of luck!

quokka Sat 10-Jul-10 03:50:33

Insurance is a good point! usually the big name international insurance cover is the best (but expensive). Some of them even cover Doula's.

There are 3 Dr's that have expat midwifes working in the clinics but you have to hire them additionally as a Doula if you want them present at the birth.

I would say NUH has the best neonatal care and they support water birth. But I would strongly recommend Prof Chong Yep Seng he has an Australian midwife who attends the birth as well but he also requires you to hire a Doula if your planning water birth.

I work alot with Dr Paul Tseng and he would have to be my fav OB in Singapore....

If you can arrange hospital tours with TMC, NUH, Mount Alvernia if you want a natural birth.

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