San Francisco

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nigglewiggle Wed 12-May-10 10:43:40

DH has been offered a job in San Francisco. We are leaning towards not accepting it for various personal reasons, but can anyone tell me anything about the place itself as I have never been. I am particularly keen to know what it is like for young children.

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poshtottie Wed 12-May-10 11:41:21

Its a really wonderful place. Its been a while since I lived there but I had a great time. Hated driving up and down the hills though.

I think its probably quite expensive so I would only go if we had a decent income.

poshtottie Wed 12-May-10 11:42:23

The whole area is great for families.

nigglewiggle Wed 12-May-10 11:49:18

Thank you. I think they are trying to make it an offer he can't refuse (not in a godfather sort of way grin). I need more than money to tempt me away from friends and family. He's keen on the job opportunity, but not keen to move either. Decisions, decisions....

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poshtottie Wed 12-May-10 11:56:34

I think its difficult to make such a big decision but it would be a great experience but if you are not keen you may feel very homesick.

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