Belgian MNs along shot but could someone please help an ex Brussels gal now puling her hair out!

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lavenderbongo Tue 20-Apr-10 03:32:21

I hope someone out there is kind enough to help me out as I am pulling my hair out and will soon be bald.

We lived in Brussels for 16 months and we are now in NZ. I am hoping to start back at work as a teacher but I need to provide Police Certificates from all the countries I have lived in for more than 12 months.

We lived in Wolowe Saint Lambert in Brussels and I have been trying to figure out who to go to for these Police Certificates and how to go about applying. However my French is appalling and because we are the otherside of the world it is difficult to ring up someone and ask.

Does anyone have any idea who I go to in order to apply or get a form to fill in?
Any help or advice greatly appreciated.

Missing the smell of chocolate and waffles

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skihorse Tue 20-Apr-10 07:29:36

You can go via the gemeentehuis or the police themselves. Tbh, I'd fax/email something in English to the Gemeente - don't bastardise any French - Woluwe Sint Lambrechts is also Dutch speaking so I wouldn't worry about that. I had to do this for Canada some years back and it was all very straightforward - my local police station (oost cantons) didn't have a clue what I was on about but basically wrote "good girl" and stamped it. grin

In fact, the commune/gemeente website is in English here with email/phone/etc. contact details.

Police website here:

bellissima Tue 20-Apr-10 08:46:26

I needed my police cert from Ixelles for a CRB check back here (to help Yr 2s cross the road (!)) and some very helpful chap at the Belgian Embassy in London provided me with the correct address. Cert arrived very quickly as well - a lot faster than the final UK clearance!

lavenderbongo Tue 20-Apr-10 20:38:44

Thanks skihorse and bellissima. I will try the Begian Embassy here - I assume there must be one in NZ.
Thanks skihorse I couldn't find the english version of that website yesterday. I have managed to get some kind soul to email me in broken English from the commune so hopefully I should be able to go from there.

Thanks again - I knew MN would come to the rescue!

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