thinking of moving to perth

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Sibble Sun 25-Apr-10 20:18:45

Thanks for your help. I had been looking at Freemantle, Subiaco, Victoria Park those are the areas I'm familiar with but as you say you get so much more for your money further out...but I guess that's a fact everywhere.

I also have vivid memories of staying with friends who live out towards Ocean Reef, I'm pretty sure the houses were built on reclaimed swamp land and the flies were incredible. You couldn't eat outside or were constantly flapping your hands around your head.

I guess a visit is definitely in order. Thanks again.

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meerkate Fri 23-Apr-10 18:14:18

iheart - god - i'd totally forgotten about rottnest. i still proudly carry around a huge multicoloured rottnest reusable bag when i go shopping though! still got the kid-petting-quokkas pictures somewhere...

i loved subiaco. if we went back i would try to live fairly centrally, i really would. some of the further-flung suburbs are a little soulless. did anyone see a re-run of 'location location' recently which featured perth - unbelievable what your money would stretch to in ocean reef and beyond, admittedly...

ihearthunder Fri 23-Apr-10 15:25:46

Agree that if short breaks are important then Perth is not the place to be! Like Meerkate said it's Margaret River or Rottnest! It's ok if you just have an anual holiday and are prepared to travel further though.

My siblings have refused to visit if we move to Joondalup ("that hole in the back of beyond"), they live in Subiaco and wont venture outside the 'golden triangle'. I have to say I haven't lived further north than Karrinyup and was only looking up at Ocean Reef because the house prices have gone so crazy in the beach suburbs closer to Perth.

My sister did say to watch out for the area near Herdsman lake due to the very big, very hairy, totally harmless spiders. My mum said to watch out in that area for the tiger snakes eating the above mentioned spiders!

Freo is great for the market and going out for dinner and it's known for being quite arty but it's always been pretty expensive.

I know nothing about the suburbs south of the river!

Hope your holiday goes well, I guess once you have a clearer idea of where you will be working you will know which suburbs will suite you best.

Good luck whatever you decide.

meerkate Wed 21-Apr-10 22:09:14

I found the Brisbane summer absolutely stifling humidity-wise when I lived there for a year, but loved lots of other things about it - colourful, relaxed place and close to tons of beautiful nature.
Perth - we lived there for a year in 2005. Gorgeous, but far too isolated for me I am afraid. We were constantly going to Margaret River at weekends and, er, nowhere else, since everything is so far to drive to from there. I much preferred NZ where we lived in 2006. BUT Perth is beautiful, great for kids as stated above, and lots of people do love it. We lived in Mosman Park - gorgeous area but v expensive to buy in (we were only renting) - anywhere near the river is fab in my book, more shade and less glarey than the white sand 40-degree beach experience. Though the glorious Indian Ocean sunsets are amazing and I miss those beaches daily - just not at 1pm in the height of the summer!
North Fremantle has a lot more character than some of the further-flung suburbs; the market in Freo is fantastic. Good luck!

Sibble Sun 18-Apr-10 19:41:55

Hi Thanks for your reply and sorry for delay, we've been making the most of the end of the school holidays and went away for the weekend. It's early days just looking. DH is keen on either Brisbane or Perth. I like the idea of Perth as it's closer to the UK and having lived there, albeit many years ago, I did love it. Brisbane has the benefit of dh having family there and I have friends.

I used to live in Victoria Park so hardly the area I guess is child friendly or probably within our budget??? I have friends out towards Ocean Reef but it looks so far on the map. I stayed in Mirrabooka for a while and rarely went into town as it felt a long way to get home, but I guess that was nights out rather than work hours or just lazy I guess!!!

We're thinking of maybe a holiday there later in the year to have a look around and dh can set up some interviews to see how things go. Good luck if you decide to move.

Thanks again

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ihearthunder Thu 15-Apr-10 17:21:34

We are also thinking of moving to Perth now we have children. I lived there in my late teens so already have a visa and my family is still there. Don't know much about the state schools, my children are under 3 so not looked into it yet. Which uni is it that you want to be near?

Personally, I like the area between the coast and freeway, from Trigg to Ocean Reef. It's also close to Joondalup train and shops and ECU if that's the uni you choose.

Other half is concerned about Perth being a bit isolated/quiet but I never found that a problem. Alot of people are very rude about Perth but we had a long chat with my sister and she says she plans to settle down there again in a few years because it's great for children.

The climate is lovely...apart from the recent hailstones and last week of solid rain!

Sibble Mon 12-Apr-10 23:10:57

We're thinking of moving from NZ to Perth. We all have NZ passports so immigration etc wouldn't be an issue and work for DH shouldn't be any issue. I lived there about 20 years ago for a while but very pre-children so was wondering what areas you would suggest that are child friendly, good schools for 10 and 5 year olds, beachy but good easy access to town etc etc all the usual. I would probably be looking for work at the University so easy access there too preferably.......

Also if you made the move all the pros and cons of Perth living. I've already made a major haul from London to Auckland so have some insight into the overall pros and cons of living on the other side of the world but wondered if there were any specific to Perth living.

Thanks in advance

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