Karori Wellington or other areas more family friendly?

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daysoftheweek Sat 03-Apr-10 23:54:45

Hoping someone who is there will come and tell me all about it. Please.
How family friendly is Karori? are other areas better? What are the schools like?


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pavlovalover Sun 04-Apr-10 06:09:27

I don't live in Karori, but know it reasonably well. It is very family friendly. Good facilities - library, nice public swimming pool, community centre, plenty of parks etc. And a number of good schools. You can read up about the schools on the Education Review Office website. www.ero.govt.nz Select "Karori" as the Locality and you can read the reports for the individual schools.
There are plenty of family friendly places in Wellington. You might also want to look at Island Bay, Seatoun, Hataitai, Khandallah, Ngaio, Pukerua Bay. Lots of people highly rate areas up the Kapiti Coast for family/lifestyle and also some of the suburbs in the Hutt Valley. But these are further away from the City. What in particular are you looking for? Good schools - what age? Anything else?

frazzlenz Sun 04-Apr-10 09:35:03

I haven't lived in Karori but I know it does have good facilities and good schools. It quite foggy and rainy though.

Favorite areas for brits are Khandallah and Ngaio. Lots of lovely big homes, good schools and close to town.

Personally I think some of the best family areas are Miramar, Island Bay, Kilbirnie, Hataitai, and Lyall Bay. Also if you go up the coast a bit to Plimmerton or Whitby you get much better weather. Lots of Wellingtonians are moving up there now. The trains go up the coast too so you can avoid the traffic jams. Even further out is Waikanae which is lovely. Still only about 40mn to the CBD.

daysoftheweek Mon 05-Apr-10 01:03:13

Thanks guys
would be working nr Evans Bay so the traffic had put me off Khandallah, Ngaio side of town.
Would need school for a 7 yr old and something for a 3 yr old, had started by looking at RC schools St Theresa's looked OK, thought the Khandallah one looked a bit too polished IYSWIM.
we're looking for everything to be to hand, pool, park, activities for kids etc would like dc to have say a judo lesson without having to cross town.
In London I walk everywhere so would like some shops/nursery/library within walking distance. Yet want more of a feeling of outside than Mt Cook
def. wouldn't go to Hutt/along the coast

oh we want a garden with grass and for it to be flat!!!!
any other thoughts v. gratefully received

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Shells Mon 05-Apr-10 01:19:54

Lyall Bay/Hataitai.

daysoftheweek Mon 05-Apr-10 01:25:31

Hi Shells
can I ask why you say that? (apart from the flat I think!!!)

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Shells Mon 05-Apr-10 02:02:42

Hi there,
Seems to tick most of your boxes. I live in Island Bay (which is fab), but not that many flat sections.
Don't know about the Catholic schools round there. Easy enough to find out from ERO reports.
Big pool complex. Loads of shops. Its a bit down at heel, but in a nice way I think. And the Hataitai end has some lovely houses.

To be honest, I find everywhere in Wellington is family friendly, but like you, its nice to be able to walk rather than drive, so this end of town is quite good like that.

When are you moving?


daysoftheweek Tue 06-Apr-10 21:00:06

So please tell me about Island Bay, what's it like? Schools any good? What kind of activities are there there?

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Shells Wed 07-Apr-10 01:03:56

There's lots of toddler stuff - you know, music, storytime etc. A good kindy - for when they're 3.5 and 2 schools - Island Bay School, and St Francis de Sales (Catholic). Both good.

There's Aikido and Karate nearby. Also Soccer, Brownies etc. Its a drive to Kilbirnie where the pool is , but only 10 mins. The local shops are ok, not very exciting, but there's a library and a little bookshop etc. Fab playground and of course, the beach.

I like Island Bay because its got a proper 'High Street' which I guess reminds me of how British towns work, whereas lots of NZ suburbs don't really.

Have you been to Wellington before?

Weta Wed 07-Apr-10 09:07:52

I grew up just the next bay round from Island Bay... I think Island Bay is really nice, and would also second the idea of Hataitai, which has always been one of my favourite suburbs if you have the money for it! Close to town, nice houses, nice little village bit etc. Don't know about stuff for kids though as we left before we had any!

My brother lives in Karori and likes it, but it would be a bit of a trek across town to Evans Bay.

Shells Wed 07-Apr-10 19:45:54

daysoftheweek, i'm happy for you to email me if you want more info. michbirchathotmaildotcom.

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