I'm not overseas but thought i might find help here, teaching arabic alphabet queries

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littleducks Sat 03-Apr-10 19:04:11

I am trying to help teach dd (nearly 4) the arabic alphabet, her madressa follows a phonic programme that i dont fully understand are there any resources anyone would recommend? (i dont really know arabic but im learning with dd so i suppose that is good!)

I have found some links suggesting making sandpaper letter card, im not sure about making those and some you tube songs which say the arabic phonic letter sound but most have letter names instead.

Have posted this both in home ed and overseas topic in hope of finding someone

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BriocheDoree Sun 04-Apr-10 10:15:04

You could try posting this in language_bilingualism if no-one here can help.

mumoverseas Sun 04-Apr-10 11:47:14

SabaaH ak-kheir (good morning)
adrus schwei arabi (I studied a little arabic) Mine however is shite compared to DS1 who did arabic GCSE last year (and actually got a better grade than most of the native speakers!)
Waladi (my son) is at this moment on his way to Saudi from the UK insha'allah (godwilling) and will be here tonight so I will ask him if he can recommend anything.

No doubt someone will come along now and confirm my arabic is shite (obviously I've written it phonectically, as can't type arabic on this pc grin

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