sydney mumsnetters please help me advertise for a house-swap in the right place!

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lingle Fri 26-Mar-10 11:33:35

Please can a Sydney mumsnetter help me? My question is, if a Sydney family wanted to visit Yorkshire for a month in August- where would they be looking online/what publications would they be reading?

We have the chance to visit Sydney for a month in August but we are wondering whether to cancel as it seems commercial accommodation will cost about £3000 for a one-bed studio and flights for the four of us are looking at about £4000/£5000 if we stop in Singapore.

To make it more feasible, I have posted an ad for a house-swap on the sabbatical homes site - here it is:

[ nd_50781.htm]]

I would like to advertise the house-swap within a Sydney publication.

I know there are house-swap "clubs" in the Guardian newspaper - but surely no Sydney family will be reading that?

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lingle Sun 28-Mar-10 11:14:43


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sunnydelight Mon 29-Mar-10 00:59:41

I don't know what paper you could put it in tbh. I read the Sydney Morning Herald and I've never noticed anything like that in it but you could have a look at their website to check.

Maybe try the Britishexpats website, or Poms in Oz? People there are continually going "home" for holidays and not everyone can/wants to stay with family for what can be a long visit. I think most Australian families planning a visit to the UK for a holiday would be looking to stay in/near London. Let me know if you get any offers and I can tell you about location/transport/areas to avoid etc.

lingle Mon 29-Mar-10 13:41:19

thanks for your help sunnydelight.

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RedTartanLass Mon 29-Mar-10 14:08:31

Have a look here where owners advertise their own property. We have property on here and we always get people negotiating the price! Well worth it,try holiday rentals and owners direct as well.

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