Schools for 3 yr old and 5 yr old in Singapore?

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theoutdoorlifeforme Fri 26-Feb-10 19:01:52

Any recommendations, please? We may be moving there in the Autumn, so I guess I need to look into schools - one child will be going into Year 1 (or equivalent?) and the other will be in the final year of nursery before reception.

Thanks for any guidance.

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theoutdoorlifeforme Sat 27-Feb-10 09:44:44

bumping in case anyone is awake now!

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tootsieroll Sun 28-Feb-10 17:59:52

Hi theoudoorlifeforme, not sure if this thread would be for you: , certainly for the 3 year old.

Tanglin School Trust is one which follows the British school year, but it is full up and the waiting list for reception is until 2011 (at least the last time I checked for my soon-to-be 4 year old).

There are many international schools in Singapore, if that is what you are after. There are also pre-schools/nurseries that are geared up for the expat market. Do you know which part of Singapore you will be living?

Local children start formal schooling from the year they turn 7, but many go to preschool/nurseries prior.

FleurDelacour Mon 01-Mar-10 15:17:19

There is lots of schools info on the expat singapore talk forum here

rainfatclouds Mon 01-Mar-10 15:19:07

If you want Tanglin or UWC, put your 3 year old down now if you can.

Chatsworth used to be terrific for that age, and still might be, but we left some years ago.

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