Need help with eurpean bedding.........please, please

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CarGirl Mon 08-Feb-10 18:24:58

thank you, I'm sure dh will still wrestle it of my in addition to his own but at least most of the time I can have a 13 tog one whilst he sweats alone in is 4.5 tog one grin he is like a hot water bottle

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Sago Mon 08-Feb-10 14:41:34

Yes, lots of hotels in Germany and Austria have two standard single duvets on a double bed.
When I lived in Berlin (about 7 yrs ago) I found it very hard to find kinsize bedding. May have changed. Now live in Austria, and can find it, plus Ikea does them!
why can´t you repeat it in the UK? Just get two singles....
SOOOOO much easier to change the bed...hate doing that double duvet cover.
And no more fights at night!

CarGirl Mon 08-Feb-10 14:15:30

Is it just my imagination but when I stayed in Germany & Austria we got 2 single quilts on our double bed (many years ago). Is this still the norm? If so are they just standard quilts or a bit narrower or what????

I am desperate to repeat this in the UK and want to know if it's possible or I'm just wasting my time and will have to king size bedding and forevermore fight for it during the night with dh?

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