Recommendation for a BF'ing friendly paediatrician in Dubai

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amaliesmor Mon 18-Jan-10 07:02:13


Anyone there come across a Paed who doesn't default to formula when there is an ishoo??


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phokoje Tue 19-Jan-10 11:51:29

you could try the cooper clinic, they have an on staff breast feeding consultant who works with their pead.

amaliesmor Tue 19-Jan-10 12:31:18

Thanks Phokoje - the breastfeeding councillor is good and I have seen her but it's not me but the baby I want looked at and top up with formula is the only advice i was given by the Paeds there... they didn't even refer me to their own bf councillor, I made an appointment with her separately. shock

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phokoje Tue 19-Jan-10 12:58:17

really? that sucks. i used Dr Khan and he was very good about conferring with the BF consultant.

i did eventually go onto formula, but it certainly wasnt through lack of encouragement on both their parts.

this was a while ago tho, so maybe its changed.

there is a very good pead just down the road that i belive is very pro breastfeeding, gosh, i just cant remember the name of the place. will call DH and see if he remembers

phokoje Tue 19-Jan-10 13:06:55

sorry! he doesnt either. there is a website somewhere that lists all the paeds, have you tried using the site? someone on there should be able to help

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