French state school "voluntary"; contribution?

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dilbertina Mon 11-Jan-10 22:24:10

Ok, so 3yo ds has just started in Petite Maternelle (local state cooperative school)... early days but all really good so far - hooray!

Amongst all the other stuff I have a letter outlining what the "contributions" last year were spent on and who to make cheque payable to for this year.... Can anyone advise me what is the sort of amount we should be giving? Thanks in advance!

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Bonsoir Tue 12-Jan-10 11:25:30

This sounds like a typical French school asking for things but not explaining the background fully! It happens over and over again - French people are assumed to be "in the know" (though this isn't always the case) and foreigners are flummoxed.

If I were you I would make an appointment with the teacher, be very apologetic (!) and explain how keen you are to learn local ways and could she please give you some background so that you can get your contribution right. As long as you are suitably grovelling humble and acknowledge her superiority in all things deferential, the teacher, IME, will be very helpful!

BriocheDoree Tue 12-Jan-10 17:23:36

If it's any help as we are in the next commune, we gave 30 euros last year. Our school helpfully told us that the average contribution the year before was 25. Has your son started at Morel de Vinde? One of my friends used to work there and speaks highly of it.

dilbertina Tue 12-Jan-10 18:41:11

Waves across valley at Brio!

Thanks Bonsoir, to be fair the school actually seem very nice the headmistress and class teacher have even spoken english to me if I look particularly blank! I know the teacher speaks a little English to ds as well which has helped him settle in I'm sure - and is more than I hoped for to be honest.

The blurb about it all does say something about 26euro so I guess that's last years average then - so sorted!

Brio, yes he's at Morel de Vinde, mornings only this week and then lunch and afternoon next week too. (the joys of having 3 children!) Have been impressed with school and ds has settled in fine so far. Was especially impressed we found lovely helpful women at Mairie to sort us out! Do you fancy a coffee soon? Down to 1 child daytime now so much easier! Let me know when you're "up the Elysee"!

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BriocheDoree Tue 12-Jan-10 18:59:37

Yes, we must fix something up. My schedule is now pretty mad with DD's appointments and work, but I do have the odd free minute (!)

LOL at Bonsoir's -grovelling- advice for the teachers. It can get a bit like that sometimes smile

dilbertina Tue 12-Jan-10 20:59:06

My problem with the grovelling though is that my French still isn't good enough for me to grovel effectively, I would have to grovel in English - and I'm pretty sure that wouldn't work so well! I think I need to do my French lesson homework more diligently!

Hope to see you soon Brio!

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tb Sun 08-Aug-10 22:16:35

Could it be for the Amicale des Parents d'Eleves, sort of PTA? In our village it pays for the gouters in the garderie and the coach to go swimming and outings and father Christmas.

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