Baby gift ideas for hot climate

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frakkinaround Thu 07-Jan-10 17:04:25

One of DHs colleagues has just had a baby here. It's currently summer, v humid and sticky. I'm sure they'll be overwhelmed with outfits and toys so I need a clever idea for something they won't have thought of that would be useful! I considered a little sunhat but would need something to go with it.

As an MN I used to take one of those gift baskets with socks made to look like flowers if you get me. Not sure how useful that would be here. Or am I just better getting a pretty cotton dress?!

Ideas please! And quite urgently...

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Earlybird Thu 07-Jan-10 17:06:53

Personally, I wouldn't buy clothes as the baby will outgrow them so quickly. Get something they can keep/use/enjoy.

Will think about what else instead..

fruitshootsandheaves Thu 07-Jan-10 17:07:34

I am wrapped up in a blanket sitting at my computer with my heating up full blast.

don't rub it in

you should get them a baby sledge in case they come to the UK.

Themasterandmargaritas Thu 07-Jan-10 20:16:52

A teeny tiny paddling pool. Sounds bonkers but was a lifesaver for ours in hot sweaty climes.

claraquack Thu 07-Jan-10 20:21:15

Not sure where you are but what we get through loads here (the Caribbean) is swimsuits. Ok obviously the baby won't need them but perhaps but a nice 6-12 months one? Or a swim float?

northlondonchoclover Thu 07-Jan-10 20:22:55

baby monitor? I have family & friends overseas and they say baby monitors from UK are best & good value

AuldAlliance Fri 08-Jan-10 15:37:36

Frakkin, I'd try to get them some photo frames from a market. Either the Grand Marché in St Denis or the weekly one in St Paul.
There are nice ones made of coloured vacoa, from Madagascar, three in a vertical line strung together. They are great for putting 3 photos of a LO over a period of a few months from birth.

Or in St-Denis there is a shop called Rouge Céladon which has nice stuff; a friend sent me a bib from there, and I bet they have nice, cool, baby clothes. Not sure about prices, though.

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