Emigrating to Canada

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AnnieBeansMum Mon 04-Jan-10 19:31:20

I am Canadian and DH is English. I moved to the UK almost 7 years ago and we are finally emigrating to Canada. All of our documents came back 18 months ago and we officially "landed" almost a year ago. Unfortunately, we didn't stay as we were still trying to sell our house. The house sold last summer for quite a bit below what we thought it would so we have been saving since then. We finally have enough saved to clear some debt and we are moving to Canada on 28 June 2010!!

We are really excited but are wondering how to get rid of everything. We have a house full of furniture, appliances, DVDs, CDs, books, baby things and toys and cannot begin to imagine how to sell everything. Would you Ebay everything, MN everything, hold a "house move sale" or a combination of all three? We appreciate that we may have to stay will family and friends for a week or two as we'll have no furniture and this is fine. Because finances are pretty tight, we cannot afford to send everything to the charity shop, but my DH works weekends so wouldn't be able to help me with a car boot sale.

Has anyone here emigrated before (and NOT taken everything with you)? Can you offer any advice?


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HallelujahHeisBorntoMary Mon 04-Jan-10 22:31:59

Not emigrating, but bought a house from someone who did.

We bought a fair amount of stuff from the people whose house we bought. They sold everything else in a "yard sale". They kept back a few essentials, which they left for us, as a "freebie", but otherwise just sold up.

babbi Sun 10-Jan-10 07:57:35

I would start with all the smaller things like cds etc and Ebay now. In fact seek to sell just about everything non essential for daily use asap as June will be here before you know it . Every penny will count .
Good luck with the move.

AnnieBeansMum Sun 10-Jan-10 09:32:46

Thanks babbi. I think we're going to start putting all of the non-essentials on ebay in the next week or two. It's getting rid of all the big furniture (and the car) at the last minute. So much to do....

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