Central Coast, NSW, Australia

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BonzaBlue Sun 03-Jan-10 02:19:54

Hi there - I have been lurking here for a while - so thought I would pop in and say hi!

We have been in Australia for one month today ! The animals have just come to us from quarentine. The dog is fine the cats are taking longer to settle.

Would love to meet up with anyone who is close (ish !)I know I am a bit far out for the Sydney ladies though.


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VFemme Sun 03-Jan-10 07:32:14

Hello BonzaBlue and welcome to Australia!

Where abouts on the Central Coast are you? It's gorgeous up there! We (DH, DS (2.7) and me) are in Hornsby which is about 60km south of Gosford. No cats or dogs but plenty of wildlife lurking about our garden. Been in Oz about 18 months (ex Scotland) and loving it!

So what's your story?

<nosey emoticon>

BonzaBlue Sun 03-Jan-10 07:46:04

We are in Tascott - which is really close to Gosford !

I was born in the UK - but my family moved to CapeTown in the 70s. So I grew up in South Africa.

Hubby and I moved to the UK in 2000 - with DD1. DS was born in the UK. But we missed the sun so we decided to come to Australia.

And now our really well travelled animals (we bought them in South Africa) have come home to us !

Yes the wild life is fab - the beetles are sooooo noisy had to buy ear plugs - along with the frogs and the cockatoos LOL ....

We have been here one month and LOVE it - although the school holidays are a bit scarey now - 3 and a 1/2 more weeks to fill ! I must get up the nerve to drive!

Bonza Blue (hope that wasnt too boring!!!)

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VFemme Wed 06-Jan-10 01:34:51

Tascott, fab. We looked to buy there (and Koolewong also) but unfortunately the commute to Sydney was just going to be too much.

I'd recommend getting out in the car to explore that beautiful coast up there (although of course much of it is on your doorstep!). Avoid Sydney if you are a bit fainthearted as the drivers are crazy (and I'm turning into one of them, grrrr).

Here's to a hot hot January!

BonzaBlue Wed 06-Jan-10 09:45:55

Hubby works in North Ryde - so he commutes. But he goes in on the train so gets some work reading done ( or so he says I think he reads the newspaper LOL) Got out today to Woy Woy - to join the library - getting braver !!!


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