Landlords... Or should that be scrooge?

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newkiwi Fri 01-Jan-10 08:30:46

The landlords of our rental gave us notice yesterday- New Years Eve. We'd agreed an extension to our lease till April but not signed anything yet as our current one hasn't run out. Now they have decided to return from overseas and want us out.

I'm so upset- I love this house but we had been planning to try and buy one of our own in the next few months. Now we probably won't have time and will have to find another rental and move twice. Our last move was hellish and I'm just dreading it.

But seriously, who gives a family notice at 6pm on New Years Eve?

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newkiwi Fri 01-Jan-10 08:35:19

I guess this may be in the wrong place. Just that it's made me totally unsettled after a lovely period of feeling great about our move.

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Mariannedreams Fri 01-Jan-10 08:35:26

That's so harsh sad

I wonder if you might consider putting your things into storage for a while - I mean things you won't need to be using, like maybe books and ornaments and so on - then if you have to move again shortly, it will save on a lot of the hulking it about.

Might be expensive though, that's the only thing.

Sorry you are in this situation, there's not much worse than feeling like you don't have a proper 'home'. I hope you find a place to buy soon.

Mariannedreams Fri 01-Jan-10 08:36:43

Are you in NZ? I'm envy from what friends have told me about that place!! Have you been there long?

newkiwi Fri 01-Jan-10 08:54:40

We arrived in June last year- midwinter. And swiftly moved into a house I call 'the coldest house in the world'. Houses here are shockingly poor and I was miserable in the cold. Our current house is lovely and warm which was great as DD arrived 7 months ago- again in midwinter. I could not have managed breastfeeding if I was still wearing 6 layers!

I'm loving NZ at the moment. We live ten mins walk from the beach and are desperate to stay in this area. We did our last move when I was 7 months pregnant and OH ended up in hospital that day so I had to do the whole thing on my own. I'm also worried we'll have to take a six month lease. Grr. I guess I'm just being a stress monster about it.

Are you overseas too?

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Mariannedreams Fri 01-Jan-10 09:10:23

Oh Gosh that sounds absolutely awful - I couldn't have moved on my own, especially not with a tiny baby!!! I am sure it won't be so bad this time round for you. I don't see how it could be worse grin

I'm surprised to hear the houses are cold, but not sure what the climate is like, I'm still in the UK, would quite like to move abroad though especially at the at Bfing through 6 layers!

newkiwi Fri 01-Jan-10 10:02:29

I was very lucky that an angel friend came to my rescue and helped me all day. She was wonderful.

The climate here varies quite a lot. On South Island they say the toilets freeze over in winter.

But here in Auckland it is pretty good. 25C today blush It doesn't get that cold in winter- never below freezing. But normally if people ask me I ask 'indoors or out?'. Cos most houses have no form of heating and the wind can make it feel very cold. I used to live Scotland but felt much colder here. Housing is probably the one thing that would send me home.

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