Luxembourg - bit of a long shot here but does anyone know....

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MrFibble Sat 12-Dec-09 16:35:59

Tried Casa but not got to Blokker yet. Thanks for the suggestion.

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skihorse Sat 12-Dec-09 15:21:15

Blokker or Casa.

MrFibble Fri 11-Dec-09 11:34:32

Ah ha! I know where one it. I will pop in there on way to creche. Thanks for the suggestion!

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mamaloco Fri 11-Dec-09 06:20:05

have you try fishing shops? I know it sounds crazy but my dad used to do his own flies and they usually have a stock of feathers... Not in Luxembourg so can't tell you more than that, sorry

MrFibble Thu 10-Dec-09 19:26:56

....where I can buy peacock feathers in Luxembourg?

OK, I know this is a long shot but I had to ask!

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