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mumoverseas Thu 10-Dec-09 13:21:02

DS1 is doing A level French and was supposed to be going on a school trip to Cannes in February which involved 6 afternoons at a language school. I've just had an email to say its been cancelled through lack of interest sad
He really needs as much practice as possible as he'd done his GCSE aged 13 and then studied another language for 2 years so his French is a little rusty.
Does anyone in France know of any language schools for teenagers (he is 16) that organise accommodation too?

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CoteDAzur Thu 10-Dec-09 13:24:39

Do you want to stay in the Cannes area or can it be anywhere in France?

Berlitz do language schools with accommodation.

mumoverseas Thu 10-Dec-09 13:57:29

Hi Cote, anywhere in France but it would need to be somewhere easy for him to travel on his own (ie near an airport) as I'm in the Middle East and he is at boarding school in the UK.
Will google Berlitz, thanks for that

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