Terry nappy squares in Italy?

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Paleodad Mon 07-Dec-09 07:42:35

Would anyone have any idea where I might be able to buy terry nappy squares in Italy? I'm in the Florence area if that helps.

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Bucharest Mon 07-Dec-09 07:51:11

No idea as I used terries for a nano-second. (am in Puglia and they would probably have locked me up for asking anyway)

I've copied your post over here though where someone might be able to help!!


Paleodad Mon 07-Dec-09 10:25:17

thats great Bucharest, thanks.
Yes, i have the feeling that when we try to put DS in creche with terries the 'ladies' will think it is some kind of child abuse....

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Sputnik Mon 07-Dec-09 11:36:03

This is the closest I could find however they are way cheaper here (and they also have more conventional ones), and delivery charges to Italy are quite reasonable. I had some nappies from them delivered here with no problems.

Sputnik Mon 07-Dec-09 11:37:31

BTW I always chickened out and sent mine to nursery in disposables! (except once when I forgot)

Paleodad Mon 07-Dec-09 13:00:37

thanks Sputnik, I was entertaining a fantasy that I would be able to walk into a shop and pick them from the shelves at the weekend...
But it makes more sense to order them!

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Camomilla Mon 07-Dec-09 14:45:48


I've used the tie-ons Sputnik linked to, "ciripa'" in Italy, and that's what my mum used on me and DB (they are basically the equivalent of squares, as that's what was around until disposables arrived) - and for older wriggly babes, you can cut the ties and use nippas/pins. I'm in UK, but my friends back home used prefolds (the bambino mio ones) which seem to be the only ones they were able to find in a shop and seemed to be popular in the area my friends live. No idea about nursery though, as they have a childminder and use disposables now. (but if I were to chose, I'd say the tie ons would be easier to use than folding terries for someone not used to them), hth


mandybagpuss Sun 03-Jan-10 17:55:41

hello, i live in milan and there is a great shop which does sells online too. No terries but great cheap pre folds www.mammaangelina.it

Another great site I have found (and bought from) is http://www.biobimbo.noidonneweb.net/

Lastly if you are set on terries perhaps find an e bay uk seller who would be willing to post to italy

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