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Giving birth in Brussels

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siobhan110 Fri 06-Dec-13 19:41:43

I realise this thread is from a while back, but in case people with similar questions stumble on it, I just wanted to let you know about a new English-language website which is essentially an online guide to pregnancy, birth and early parenthood in Belgium.

It aims to help newly pregnant mums/couples navigate the Belgian system, from pregnancy, right through to after the birth. It also has lots of useful information about activities to do with babies and young children in Brussels and the surrounding areas.

NichyNoo Fri 04-Dec-09 13:45:06

Hi - thanks for the advice! I think I will sign up for one of the BCT evening talks in the new year as they look like they might be useful.

It is my first baby and I speak French although I'm not sure how good my French would be if I'm in the throes of labour!

I guess I can always make an appointment with one of the St Elisabeth gynaes that my doctor recommended for the first scan and if, after attending the BCT course and doing further research, I change my mind about the hospital then I can change gynae?

Thanks for your advice! I'm feeling quite bewildered by everything and also trying hard not to get too excited/make too many plans as it is still such early days and I don't want to jinx things!

Portofino Fri 04-Dec-09 13:23:05

I would recommend joining the BCT. They run courses on having a baby here, and offer a lot of help and support - plus it's a great way to meet other new mums. And there are a few of us MNetters in Belgium - mostly Brussels and surrounds.

BornAgain Fri 04-Dec-09 13:18:41

First of all, no need to worry ime!

A good start might be to buy a copy of the "Having a Baby in Belgium" or similar title, that you can buy in 'Waterstones in Brussels. It´s often just on the cash desk - ask for it!

Is this your first baby?

Do you speak French? This would really facilitate things.

Can you do a guided tour of the delivery suites in the hospital. Then you will see whether birthing pools etc are available and can ask the midwives which gyno may suit your ideas about childbirth.

Just a little word of warning.. Belgian obs. tend to be a little old fashioned imo - with a trend towards giving birth on your back in bed. So watch out for that. Also, the obst. I got in the end also did an episiotomy very routinely.

My overall experience giving birth in Belgium was absolutely excellent, with the mother being very well cared for after birth as well as the baby.

Any other questions?!

NichyNoo Fri 04-Dec-09 12:47:32

I've just found out that I'm pregnant (only 5 weeks so very early days) and my GP has advised me to make an appointment with a gynae asap to make sure that I can get an appointment for my first scan in late January.

My GP advised a couple of English speaking Drs at Sainte Elisabeth. However I'm really not sure how to choose. How can I find out the different 'birthing trends' of each BXL hopsital and pick which one suits me best?

I guess I want good care, not overly medicalised, maybe with birthing ball/pool as an option, no routine episiotomy and of course good neonatal care in case my little gets into difficulties.

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed so any advice would be gratefully received! smile

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