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family friendly areas in Wellington NZ please?

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newmenewname Sat 07-Nov-09 20:21:44

I'm looking for recommendations for family friendly areas in Wellington oldest dc 10 youngest a baby! and would really value advice from those who are there

going for 1 year

dcs will need to go to school/nursery have been in very family focussed area so used to an endless whirl of library sing-songs, cofee shops, clubs and activities with everything in walking distance (well not really but that's what I'd like!!!grin)

we were thinking Karori or Khandallah (not sure if that has 2 h's!) but I'm open to suggestions

(would need some decent after-school care or a P/T nanny)

beatiebow Sat 07-Nov-09 21:55:32

I have lived in Karori in the past-pre kids though. Have friends there with kids-good school, swimming pool and library, some shops etc. Def a bus ride into the city though.

Sibble Sun 08-Nov-09 05:26:12

Visited friends staying in Khandallah (again not too sure of the spelling, we're in Auckland) was a great area. Great views, outdoor and indoor pools close by, I took the ds's into town (cable car, Te Papa, parks etc by bus with no problem whatsoever although I do hear that they do just drive by at speed unless you are ready and wave frantically!!!!) Schools seemed very good and parents friendly, we caught up with quite a few at after school activities when we stayed. There are quite a few Wellie mumsnetters who will be able to give you better advice. I only know the one area but would move there if we were shifting south.

Shells Sun 08-Nov-09 06:24:30

Hi, I'm in Wellington. Honestly, you'd have to try quite hard to find an area thats NOT family friendly. You're falling over activities, cafes etc, wherever you go. And schools pretty much everywhere are good, especially in Wellington itself (as opposed to Hutt Valley or Porirua but lots of good ones there too).
Most schools seem to offer after school care and there are nannies everywhere.

So I'd think more about what kind of place you want to live. Welly is very hilly and very windy. So walking is not always that easy. Do you want to be near the bush? Or near the sea? Or walking distance to town? Or near malls? Do you want multi cultural? Or middle class, respectable? You know, that sort of angle.

Depends on your budget too.

Etc. etc.

newmenewname Tue 10-Nov-09 00:02:54

interesting thoughts shells
I'm thinking middle class respectable wink I'm not too fussed about being near bush/sea/malls etc I'm guessing we can drive or bus about if we need to what I don't want to be doing is having to car trip across town in traffic for an after school swim lesson because I know we wont!

where abouts are you if you don't mind me asking? we were thinking Island Bay/Miramar is another possibility.

Anyone else have any thoughts?

Shells Tue 10-Nov-09 01:00:23

Hi, more from me. There are several other Welly MNers, but they're obviously playing at having a life...

Karori/Khandallah/Ngaio etc. is really nice. Leafy, respectable smile, loads of kids things. Bit hilly. Not too far from town. You shouldn't have to go too far for anything.

I live in Island Bay area. I love being by sea, and there's lots of flat - its not for everyone as bit further out of town (although not really by UK standards). But we do all our kids stuff here. Venture into town for museums, otherwise swimming/activities etc. are all within short walk/drive.

When are you going to be here?

delphinedownunder Tue 10-Nov-09 03:15:20

As Shells says and Island Bay and Seatoun and Wadestown and Kelburn. Everything is pretty close in Welly by UK standards and there are playgrounds and kid friendly things to attend everywhere. I lived in Wadestown for a while - very handy to town and to the Thorndon summer pool. Karori City end is also nice and close to the Karori indoor pool and to the wildlife sanctury. Saying all of this, I live in Nelson now and like it much better, if only for the comparative lack of wind!

Shells Tue 10-Nov-09 03:58:26

Its funny Delphine as an ex-Nelson friend of mine was saying how much she missed living there for the same reasons.
I'm jealous!

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