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Melbourne meet?

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echt Wed 21-Oct-09 13:19:17

What about it? While the spring has sort arrived, but the Christmas rush hasn't engulfed us.

echt Wed 21-Oct-09 13:20:00

That should be "sort of".

lulalullabye Thu 22-Oct-09 03:58:27

Yes, yes I am up for that !

echt Sat 24-Oct-09 07:36:24

Looks like it's just us , so far!

lulalullabye Sat 24-Oct-09 20:55:02

Spoke to Wilbs the other day and she said she is interested too.

echt Mon 26-Oct-09 08:19:02

Goody, goody. But I have got a real name in my phone wen I should have MN'd/RL named it, so will have to take my chances.

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