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moving from Poland to England with DS, any advice?

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bananastainsonallmytops Mon 19-Oct-09 12:00:56


I just wondered if anyone had any advice/experience of moving country with a small child?
My DS will be just over 15 months when we move and I don't really know of anyway I can prepare him. I tell him but obviously there is only so much he can comprehend.

We moved flat twice but he was really little so it wasn't a problem.

We'll be travelling by plane plus a 4-6 hour drive beforehand sad

Any ideas welcome........

irishbookish Mon 19-Oct-09 17:24:34

Tell him you're going on a big trip in the car and for a ride in an aeroplane. Show him some pictures in a book every now and then but try not to overexcite him. On the day you leave, smile a lot (they pick up stress in your face which can set them off) and keep an activity bag with new stuff (crayons, small toys etc), and small snacks ready. Buy a couple of kids CD's for the car, (songs or stories).
One of our kids was a terrible traveller and the chemist recommended antihistamines to keep for emergencies.
Good luck!

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