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To any MNs living in Berlin

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flyingdolphin Fri 18-Sep-09 19:50:44

Hello there,
I am going to be in Berlin for about a week in November to visit a friend, and I am taking my 6yo dd with me, and I was wondering - any advice on nice things to do that a 6yo would enjoy. We are planning to visit various friends and the brachiosaurus, etc., and have a few other ideas, just wondering what other things people would recommend.
We will be staying in Mitte.

marialuisa Sun 20-Sep-09 14:59:15

Just a bump as I'm taking DD to Berkin in October and would welcome any insider's tips too,

LilianGish Mon 21-Sep-09 17:27:12

Berlin is fantastic for kids. Lived there for four years and still miss it. My kids loved the zoo and the aquarium. There is also a small Legoland at Potsdammer Platz. My kids loved going up the Fernseturm near Alexanderplatz - especially the revolving restaurant at the top which is surprisingly reasonable (as are so many things in Berlin). I also found the DDR museum very child friendly - they can drive a Trabant, poke around inside a reconstruction of a DDR apartment and it is generally a very hands-on experience (one of my own personal favourites too). The Reichstag dome is another winner - though as you are past the pushchair stage you won't be able to queue jump and there does always seem to be a queue. I would also take her to the Holocaust Memorial (another favourite of mine) - though possibly not in the museum unless you are ready to answer some difficult questions. Have a great stay and remember to take warm coats - Berlin can be FREEZING!

admylin Tue 22-Sep-09 09:53:30 is another hands on museum for children. The exhibitions change so you would have to check what is on. I took family when we lived in Berlin and the dc loved it and the adults loved walking down the part of Berlin Osloerstrasse with all the Turkish stores. There's a big shopping mall just down the street too although there are plenty of those all over Berlin. It's shopping paradies.

Nefertiti is on show at the Altes Museum as the Egyptian Museum seems to be closed but it's a great exhibition (dc loved the mummies)

flyingdolphin Thu 24-Sep-09 14:05:36

Thanks! You have given me some great ideas - I love the idea of driving a Trabant and poking around a DRR apartment, and my dd would love the Fernsehturm, as well as the aquarium and zoo. We will go to the Holocaust memorial, still contemplating the museum - she is vaguely aware of some of these things as she is half Jewish, but maybe I will give it a miss just now.
Admylin - thanks for the links, and the Turkish stores sound fun. Shopping paradies - hmm, shopping wasn't originally on the cards but it has been ages since I went shopping alone with my dd (I have a younger ds who will be staying at home), so maybe we will have to take a look at the mall too...

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