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Moving from Scotland to Montreal

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Chrysanthamum Wed 16-Sep-09 21:10:39

My husband is from Montreal and we're both teachers. For some time now we've toyed with the idea of moving from Scotland to Quebec or Ireland where our families live. After another bout of bad weather here Canada is becoming very appealling to us although I have many reservations. I've been back and forward on holiday many times and although I like it I do feel very far away from my own family. Friends of my husbands who have similar jobs do seem to have a better lifestyle over there and there doesn't seem to be as much of a yob culture. We have 3 sons and I like the idea of them growing up in a place where they can do more outdoorsy activities. However its a big decision and I'd hate to make a mistake on this one. The problem with Ireland is that there are no teaching jobs and of course the weather is a bit grim there too.
Anyone out there have any sensible suggestions?

christie2 Fri 02-Oct-09 03:01:46

It seems weather is driving your decision or were you joking. Not many people move to Canda for the weather. But for good economic prosperity and stable government, we have that in spades. You won't need to speak french to live in Montreal but it will be a barrier to employment if you don't or at least limit options. I guess I would ask, why do you want to move. Most who come here from europe I have found find it is a bit boring and miss being connected to Europe. We are very isolated here and insular. I suspect it would be much like living in australia. We live in a canadian bubble, its a nice friendly easy bubble, but not really connected to the world outside our own concerns.

JeMeSouviens Fri 02-Oct-09 03:32:49

We moved to Montreal from England about 15mths ago now for work. Weatherwise, summers are beautiful and hot, which makes up for surviving the winter. Not as drizzly as England and less damp.

I agree that there is less a yob culture here. I would stay for that reason alone, for my son to be raised here. Youth are still respectful, I don't feel threatened by large groups of them, and no one has told me off for taking pics of DS playing in the park fountains! People speak up if there is a need. One of the few incidences I've seen here was a girl randomly hit another on the Metro. I asked if she was ok, and an older man next to me had a go at the hitter, when she got lippy, he threatened her with the police, I was most impressed.

However, even though it is close to UK/Europe, it is very pricey to travel from Montreal. We had grande delusions ideas of being able to take regular trips, but were shocked at the cost of prices, never mind the cost for me to fly home to NZ (about 3x as much as from the UK).

I also find it difficult to get the things I want here, especially for DS. Shopping is very limited. Internet shopping is practically non-existent. It's a pity they don't have a free trade agreement with the US.

I don't find it any cheaper to live here, and in fact find some things much more expensive. Anything imported has huge duties put on it. For example, I was looking for a linen set for a twin bed for DS. In the UK it's 49quid, the same one here is CA$475!!! Completely unjustifiable.

Taxes are very high. Thankfully we're expats so they don't affect us, but someone I know recently became a resident here, her take home pay dropped 50% after switching from UK to Canada.

Healthcare - It's very difficult to get a family doctor. I found Paediatricians don't generally take new patients unless they are a newborn. I have to use walk in clinics and either wait there for an appointment or they call me back with a time. It doesn't give a good continuity of care.

I've been left with a slightly stale taste in the mouth after being here, but we have also been mucked around with visa's and work us been up and down, so that may have coloured it. We were supposed to be here for another 18mths, but they're moving us to BC instead.

Overall I find it rather dull and lacking somehow. It is also not, and other Canadians agree, the real Canada. We're looking forward to our BC move to see how it compares. It is also one of the most difficult places to learn french, as soon as you speak, they know you're anglais and speak in english to you.

It might be easier for your move as your DH is from here, and would have a ready network possibly, of friends and family to help you get settled and give you advice.

All the best with it!

JeMeSouviens Fri 02-Oct-09 03:33:25

... ps our apartment is available from 01 Nov if you're interested, bit shabby, but great westmount location grin

Chrysanthamum Wed 14-Oct-09 21:44:37

Thanks for all the tips. As daft as it may sound weather is a big issue for us! Also my dh has family who could help us out with the kids. I speak French already. I also have 3 boys and would like them to have access to more sport as they grow up. The bigger houses and pools are v appealing too!
In any case I fancy a change to a sunnier clime. So I'm open to many places. We've just had our 3rd son so will stay put for at least a year anyway but I appreciate all opinions as Canada would be easy enough for us for visas etc.

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