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Planning to take a sabbatical in Italy - Any advice?

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birdsfoot Sun 06-Sep-09 15:28:45

Family and I are planning to move to Italy for a year grin. Starting in July 2011. We're just starting to research the logistics in a bit more depth than before and I thought there might be a couple of shortcuts to be had here on mumsnet!

We'll locate ourselves in whichever town or city DH finds a job teaching in an international or British school. We're thinking of somewhere around the size of Florence or Padua. Then we'll try to get the dc into local Italian schools (here, DS1 (11) is at secondary and DD (9) and other DS (8) are at primary). I'll look for a job when we know that DH can work and DC can be in school.

We'll have to rent out our UK home to pay the mortgage whilst we're away. And we imagine that, because wages tend to be lower over there, we'll rent an apartment. I don't drive, DH does.

Any tips or advice?

gio71 Sun 06-Sep-09 19:46:31

Come and visit the Little Italy thread here . We are a mix of Italians and Brits living in Italy and the UK so we should be able to give you quite a bit of info between us.
See you there smile

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