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Having A Baby In France - My Experience...

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tigerbump Thu 03-Sep-09 16:11:28

Just wanted to say my experience of having a baby in rural france in a standard Hospital was fantastic. Although it was my first and my french isn't all that great the midwife, Dr's, Gynes and Anesthetist were all fantastic. I kept on referring to the hospital as a hotel as that's what it felt like. I had 24/7 care and felt both my baby and I were in safe hands.

Not sure if this helps anyone but I did hear horror stories but I had a great experience.

BriocheDoree Thu 03-Sep-09 16:44:55

I had a great exp. in France, too!
Congratulations and glad it went well. What did you have - boy or girl?

flyingcloud Thu 03-Sep-09 20:40:12

Congratulations tigermum (no longer a bump!)

Oooh yes - what did you have? Hope you and your little one are well and safely at home now. I'm 18 weeks so am behind you but have only heard stories of pleasant experiences so far

poppy34 Thu 03-Sep-09 20:41:34

thats great news tiger mum - what did you have by the way (remember you from your previous post).

bunnyfrance Fri 04-Sep-09 17:21:59

Congrats, tigerbump! Glad it all went well. That is reassuring for me - I'm also in France and expecting any day now....we are looked after well here, aren't we!

tigerbump Sun 13-Sep-09 18:58:24

had a baby boy weighing in at a whopping 9lbs (french midwives were in shock!) all is well and just getting used to sleepless nights!

i kept refering to the hospital as a hotel, and SO clean. we had cleaners in twice a day and I saw midwives clean during the day (not sure you would ever see that in the UK!).

good luck flyingcloud, it will help to have phrases with you. I was given a great list if you want it let me know.

flyingcloud Sun 13-Sep-09 20:40:24

Thanks Tiger. I think I have the list of phrases (Briochedoree sent them to me!).

Glad to hear it went well and so many congratulations again.

Good luck Bunnyfrance!

LilianGish Mon 21-Sep-09 17:47:43

Congratulations tigerbump, just saw this thread and couldn't resist posting. Both my babies were born in Paris and I had a very similar experience - also accidentally referring to the hospital as a hotel! Very lucky to be able to give birth in France - I insisted that ds was born there as well and wouldn't have considered giving birth anywhere else. Bonne continuation!

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