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Moving to KL with a toddler

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becs1973 Fri 28-Aug-09 18:09:36


Anyone living in/lived in KL with kids? We're moving there with my partners work before the end of the year and I'm looking for any experience anyone has of KL.

I've actually been there before on holiday and stayed for a little while so I do know some stuff, but didn't have the little one at that point so am guessing it's going to be a very different experience!

Any info/advice/random thoughts gratefully received!! grin

Cheers, B

travellingwilbury Fri 28-Aug-09 20:03:43

I have no idea what or where KL is but I hope someone will .

Good luck with the move

MrsMuddle Fri 28-Aug-09 21:00:59

I lived there with a toddler, but it was a long time ago. There were loads of really fabulous indoor play areas, and the outside parks were great too, although the equipment was too hot to play on 99% of the time.

I'm very very envy, although judging by what's been in the papers recently, the country seems to be a lot less liberal than it was when I was there.

mumoverseas Sat 29-Aug-09 18:20:30

There did used to be a Mumsnetter on here who lives in KL and she has 3 children, aged from 1 to around 4 years old. She has (I think) a nice lifestyle, a villa with a pool and maid and pretty sure the oldest children went to a nursery/pre-school.

Hopefully she will come along soon and advise

In the meantime, have a look at a website called (I think, never looked myself though)I've heard a lot of people calt about it and it might be helpful. Good luck

becs1973 Tue 01-Sep-09 11:33:04

Thanks for the replies everyone.

MrsMuddle - I do worry I little bit about some of the more hardline stances they seem to take every now and then, but hopefully it will stay as it is!

I did a quick search and discovered DeeInMalaysia who moved their last year according to her posts so I may drop her a line and see if she has any advice.

Thanks all! smile

Tarantella Thu 03-Sep-09 07:17:45

I also lived in KL a long time ago and delivered two babies there, wonderful place for babies and toddlers we had a great time.
We visited again last year so the children could see their birthplace. It has developed a lot and much of the old colonial style stuff has gone but agian we had agreat holiday. Would recommend it, don't hesitate.

DBXmum Thu 03-Sep-09 07:20:25

KL is a great place to live with little ones - google ibu family resource group. They have playgroups, family outingss, support groups, all sorts of different things for young families. There are a lot of very reasonably priced nurseries there and the international schools are of a high standard. We lived there for 4 years and reluctantly moved last year. Have fun x

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